Of all the beverage, coffee is one of the most consumable drink. It has a lot of nutritional benefits to man, and often drank by large numbers. What has made this brewed drink easily accessible on the go is something called the coffee maker. This appliance, have always made our lives easier in terms of making coffee, all you need is to put the coffee powder into it with or without milk, and you’re ready to go.

If you are in the office, or at home, or among friends for a study session, a good coffee gadget often comes in handy. As I write this, I’m drinking coffee made with my own quality appliance. In other words, you wouldn’t have it smooth without the help of the Coffee Grinder which is a great combination for a healthy smooth coffee. These appliances have been with me for a long while.

Sometimes called an espresso machine, these devices are found in almost every home and have become man’s best friend after the dog.

How To Determine A Good Coffee Maker?

Different details are often in play when selecting a good and quality coffee maker, and from experience, there is a lot of options in terms of that. These many options can easily get one confused about which to buy.

To help alleviate that stress, I have provided this article showing the top ten indisputable machines on the market. Regardless of how you take your coffee, you can be certain that this list won’t let you down.

1. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

Coffee is all about the brew and the enjoyment of every cup. Having yours makes it a lot easier to get to know your coffee better. Funny right? However, it is often very difficult to not fall into the hands of a bad coffee maker. Another thing you need to consider again is budget.

Regardless, you must detail out what you want it for,  either for your mini coffee shop, office or  home. Nespresso gives you different cup option to choose from. Although, Coffee, Gran Lungo,, Double Espresso, and Espresso. With their centrifusion and extraction technology, you get the best of brewing and result in coffee.

Usually, within 15 seconds, your coffee gets heated up very quickly and you get 13 coffee cups or 20 espressos. If you are an espresso lover, you would find Nespresso  Vertuo  great for you – 10 authentic espresso taste is waiting. All the different brewing conditions come with a click of a button. Your coffee even gets automatically ejected once brewing is finished. Specifications: Product dimensions: 33.49 x 23.19 x 32.49/ Price: 199.99/ Weight: 4.7kg/ Water Tank Capacity: 1.8 L See More Product Review.

Pros & Cons

  • Fast brewing
  • Variety of functions
  • Easy one-touch function
  • Maintenance culture is easy
  • A little expensive
  • Less or limited control
  • Buying a new capsule is an additional expense

2. Mr Coffee 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Need a cup before brewing is done? This coffee maker lets you do that. This easy-to-use coffee maker gives you expertly made coffee. It is as simple as selecting what you want, all it requires is to start and let the brew begin.

The Auto-Pause features let you go for ace up before everything is done without a mess or a fuss. For the past 3 months, this coffee maker has never failed in quality or performance. With its dual water window, you can easily notice when the  water is close to the brim, and the filter basket is easy to clean.

Often forgetful about whether your coffee machine is either turned on/off,  the power indicator light keeps you alert when that needs to be taken care of. Made by Mr Coffee brand, you can always expect nothing less than exceptional when it comes to the brewing technology.

Another cool feature with this coffee maker is the Alexa Function which lets you brew coffee from your bedroom by linking it to your Echo.  Specifications: Product dimensions: 8.43 by 11.76 by 12.56/ Price: 24.99/ Weight: 3.6 pounds/ Measurement: 12 Cup.

Pros & Cons

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Very easy to use and clean filter basket
  • No auto-shutoff
  • The whole lids’ comes off when trying to put water into it
  • Fewer option might be a turn-off for some people

3. Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

With 4.4 rating on Amazon from 19,895 reviews and a number one standing in the single-serve brewers, this coffee maker gives you strong brewed coffee.  With removable water reservoir and three pod selection (6, 8, 10 ounces) – six cups, you get to switch things up very quickly.

With less than one-minute brew time (50 seconds max), you get your full-flavoured coffee richly extracted. It comes with an auto-off feature which turns off the machine after two hours of last use.  If you are up for a healthy lifestyle outside just rice alone, then the Instant Pot 6 is the one for you.  See More Product Review

Specifications: Product dimensions: 13.3 by 9.8 by 13/ Price: 79.00/ Weight: 9 pounds/ Measurement: 6 Cups.

Pros & Cons

  • Automatic switch-off function
  • Very accommodating for extra cups
  • Easy clean feature
  • It doesn’t come with a filter
  • The filter has to be changed regularly
  • Noise level is quite disturbing

4. Bosch Tassimo TAS1002GB Coffeemaker

Tassimo is a great brand which has various functionality, ranging from one-touch operation, digital control for easy drink, and the easy-view water.  All of these features come together to bring you the best and fast brewed coffee you need to get you going for the day activities.

Best suited for the family. Bosch Tassimo Sneak-a-cup feature helps to avoid making a mess when taking your first cup in a rush.  Due to the fact that this is a budget type of coffee maker, so also it provide you with the best performance you will ever get for the price. It has power of 1300 watts for energy efficiency, and the easy-view never lets your kids overflow the coffeemaker. Furthermore, it has really make everyday brewing much more easier. To know more, you can also check out the Amazon customer review on this product which is about, 1,820 See More Product Review  Specifications: Product dimensions: 30.5 x 17.5 x 26.5cm/ Price: 59.92/ Weight: 2.5 kg/ Measurement: 12 cups/ Capacity: 0.7 liters.

Pros & Cons

  • One touch operation
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable cup stand,
  • suitable for any cup including travelling mug
  • The glass area can easily break

5. DeLonghi Jovia Pod Capsule Coffee Machine

Delonghi, has been a household name when it comes to kitchen appliance, with this black ultra-modern coffee maker you are quite sure of getting the true taste of coffee. This machine has all it takes to make your coffee more adorable, with the quick delivery of your drink in no time.

Comes with features, ranging from the simple lever, which allows you to regulate the temperature of your drink, couple with the 15 bar water pressure and adjustable removable cup stand, which give you the opportunity to remove it for a proper clean up when necessary.

The LED light indicator, maximizes the energy efficiency for a greater impact. Therefore, no matter what drink you are craving for, e.g espresso cappuccino chocolate e.t.c this manual coffee machine has the capacity to make it a dream comes true. Check out the reason why you should buy and why not.

Specifications:  Product dimension: 17.1 x 32.5 x 22.8 cm/ Weight: 2.5 Kg/ Power: 1500 watts.

Pros & Cons

  • Produces any kind of drink
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with 2 years warranty
  • Due to the fact that its manually made, you need to monitor the amount of water added

6. Melitta Filter Coffee Machine with Insulated Jug

This stylish Melitta Coffee Machine with an Insulated Jug, you are sure to enjoy everything that it has to offers. It is design to suit every standard of durability. In other words, the black and stainless steel bodily blend to create a modern look, coupled with the mild jug of coffee from the automated machine.

This gadget can fully boast of multiple features to make a perfect coffee, with an optimal temperature and adjustable coffee intensity. The container is capable of holding up to 1.2 litre of water, with an indicator to guide you on how many cups will fit in at a given time.

Therefore, when you are curious on what to do, when your attention is neither here nor there, that shouldn’t be an issue, as this appliance is built with a lid, detachable anti drip filter, aroma selector and an LED indicator to automatically turn off when the water has reach the maximum boiling point.

Even at that, it can still keep the water hot for maximum of 2 hours before use. It is suitable for families, due to the fact that it can accommodate up to 10 large cups of liquid, which could amount to 125ml and it takes 6-7 minutes to get brewed. Specifications: Product dimension: 29.5 x 30.5 x 47.8 cm/ Weight: 3 Kilograms/ Voltage: 1000 Volts.

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Cable storage compartment
  • Programmable water hardness level
  • Suitable for families
  • Comes with an aroma selector which control the intensity of the flavour
  • 2 years guaranteed
  • No net in the machine, therefore filter is necessary
  • Water tank not removable

7. De’De’Longhi Lattissima Touch Coffee Machine

No matter where you are, it is simply understandable by most people, especially early morning risers, who really appreciate what it takes to have a sip of coffee before leaving home or at your office. De’Longhi is a brand to be recon with when it comes to coffee maker.

This company has done more good than harm for the production of these appliances, to better the lives of the majority. With this Lattissima Touch Coffee Machine, you can easily prepare your Cappuccino, espresso long, cream latte, hot milk and latte macchiato at a single touch of a button.

Designed with the 6 tacticle button to make this production easier for your day to day consumption. In other words, this gadget is exceptionally convenience to prepare your drinks withing few minutes while at home. You can have everything you need at a go with this machine.

Specifications: Product dimension: 17 x 32 x 25.8 cm/ Weight: 4.5 Kilograms/ Capacity: 0.9 Litre/Voltage: 220.

Pros & Cons

  • Intuitive descaling and cleaning alert for proper functioning
  • One touch button system
  • Auto shutt-off
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • 2 Years manufacturer warranty
  • Compatible to chocolate pods
  • The milk nozzle sometimes comes off
  • Not applicable for ground coffee

8. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Oblo Coffee Machine

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Oblo Coffee Machine, is the best brand to have when craving for peach ice tea, Frothy cappuccino, smooth Americano drinks, black or white, intense espresso hot chocolate and many more. Basically, an ideal appliance to have in your kitchen with its multipurpose pods to make use of on daily basis. With this, you can enjoy up to 40 premium coffee creation at your disposal.

This machine is design with a mechanical lever, which allows you to adjust the volume of your drink and also with its benevolent 15-bar pumps manual pressure, to make the thick velvet crema that emanate from your drinks look more enticing to the eyes.

Therefore, if you want to quickly grab a drink out of this, withing 30 seconds maximum, this is the right gadget to have, without keeping you waiting all day.  Specifications: Product dimension: 24.51 x 18.01 x 31.5 cm/ Weight: 2.5 Kilograms/ Power: 1000 watts/ Capacity: 0.8L.

Pros & Cons

  • Versatile in drinks creation
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Comes with a nozzle cleaning pin to help fight against blockade
  • Two years warranty
  • Can’t be use with a nespresso pod
  • No auto-stop

9. Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine

The Nepresso Inissia Coffee Machine is simply design to preserve every aroma that comes from your coffee for a better quality. It is simple to use, all you need to do is to pop in your capsule and sit back for the machine to do the rest withing a short while, with a single touch of a button,

Design with a patented extraction system, which deliver up to 19 bar pressure for a maximum temperature. In conjunction with the thermoblock technology, which increases the water heating as expected and reduces the chances of scaling in your water. Therefore, you never can tell how effective it is, till you put it into use for a perfect and yummy coffee.  Specifications: Product dimension: 12 x 23 x 32.1 cm/ Weight: 2.7 Kilograms/ Power: 1260 watts.

Pros & Cons

  • A removable 0.7 litre water reservoir
  • Energy efficiency
  • Suitable for family
  • Heat control system
  • 3 Years warranty
  • Can’t load more than one capsule at a time
  • Doesn’t go well with skimmed milk
  • It doesn’t come with cup warmer

10. CONQUECO Portable Coffee Maker

Some times you may find it difficult to take your coffee maker along with you, when going for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and even travelling, due to some contingent reasons. But that has to stop. With Conqueco Portable Coffee Maker, you can simply brew your drink anywhere without any interference.

As it is design to operate with a rechargeable lithium battery, of (12V 7A for car) and ( 12V 2A for home) and when fully charge, it can make up to 20 espresso. With this, you don’t need a USB connection to operate it, as the battery has enough capacity to ride along for a longer period. But if the need arises to charge the battery, you can simply plug it in without dissembling it.

Stylishly built with a portable shape, which you can easily take along in your backpack and feel comfortable with it. This 15-bar and one button operational gadget, can adequately produce your hot and yummy coffee in few minutes. A lot of coffee lover has found it more appealing to carter for there daily needs.

Specifications: Product dimension: 15.5 x 12 x 30 cm/ Weight: 880 Grams.

Pros & Cons

  • Quick charging system
  • One button operational system
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used while been charged
  • It makes less than a mouthful
  • No travel case

Coffee Maker Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing a coffee machine, it might be stressful due to the fact that you might not be conversant with the quality and features needed to qualify its functionality, on how to get the exact product that truly have the added features required, to make a perfect brewing overtime. In other words, if that should be the case, you can simply rely on these qualities to carry out some comparison for safer brewing.


It is important to note that when buying a coffee machine, a reputable dealer should be your point of core. The reason is quite simple, which is, this are the manufacturers that have a brand name to protect and also, they have a lot of people that have purchase products from them with good reviews, and also it is important to follow the manufacturer manual instruction to be on the safer side.


The temperature for your brewing machine should be paramount. When buying this product the temperature is needed to be sure of, that should be the primary objective why you needed one. Most time the temperature is about 196oF-205oF, so check the manual or the product description online to get exactly what can brew your coffee with an intense heating.

Special Features:

This is considerably one of the thing that requires proper attention in the world of coffee making. If I may ask, how exactly do you want to brew your drink, is it by checking on your coffee frequently to verify the heating intensity, or you just want to sit back and watch your drink get ready with a touch of a button? Therefore, it is important to have a machine that has the auto shutt-off, which automatically do the job while you are busy doing other things.


Coffee makers have become a recurring companion during different times, it is important that they make good coffee and if possible espressos so we go by our daily lives easy.

There are a lot of options depending on your preferences. If you love the only espresso you might not all to like the outcome with most of the coffee makers on this list apart from number one.

It is therefore important to put your needs first as well as budget when deciding what coffee maker, you want to buy. However, if you love the good old-fashioned coffee, the above gives you just that. Never leave your coffee waiting, take it hot!

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