Figuring out the best condenser tumble dryer is very essential when it comes to washing. This is one criteria that makes it one of the basic appliance to be considered in every home. washing machines and tumblers can be commonly seen in homes due to it’s popular demand.These two gadget are common electrical appliance to help curtail your washing needs. A tumble dryer always has an essential part to play when washing your clothes.

After taking out the clothes from your washing machine. A tumble dryer is used to remove all moisture and water from the clothes, then get it dried withing a few minutes. There are in total, three type of dryers. The most commonly used one is condenser tumble dryers.

After that, vented tumble dryers are to be considered next and thirdly, is the heat-driven tumble dryer, which is rarely used in laundry or homes. So let’s talk about condenser tumble dryer. This appliance help in absorbing humidity from your moist fabrics into a tube, also related to as a tank, which is housed inside the tumbler itself.

This reservoir stores the water from your clothes, all you have to do, is to drain it when it’s full. Most current models notifies you, when the tank is full.

If you’re searching for the best of these products, this article will be helpful for you, because below we’ve mentioned some of the best tumble dryers you can get for drying your clothes and fabrics conveniently. So let’s dig into it!

Different Between Condenser And Vented Tumble Dryers?

The magine between these two are quite slim. Which is, the condenser is capable of absorbing the moisture from your clothes into the tube. Which simply mean that it has an installed reservoir tube or tank which accommodate the water from your laundary, after which, the water can be dispose off.

While the vented one, is the opposite of these, which means, it doesn’t come with reservoir tank but with hoes connected to it which can be linked outdoor, to drizzle out the water from your laundary.

Does It Really Worth The Money?

If you ask me, I will say yes. The reason is quite simple, These machines are meant to replace the traditional ways of getting your clothes dry, and not just dry, but withing a short period, especially in the wet season when you need to get your clothes dry urgently.

Furthermore it doesn’t require much effort to do so. All you need to do is to transfer from your washing machine to your condenser tumble dryer, with the press of a button, your clothes is in the process of getting dry. Afterwards,  it get turned off automatically with the help of the automatic censor, that is when the drying process in complete. This is what can be refer to as a “good deal for your money”.


1. Electra 7 Kg Condenser Dryer

With this tumble dryer, you are sure of lots of great features. This mid-range appliance comes with an energy efficiency of B, which you know is not so good, but at least in terms of price, this type of grade is not too bad. It offers all the flagship features that you can expect from a premium flagship level machine.

The useful Eco-dry technology stops the dryer from clogging and wasting extra energy, making the drying process more simple, safe and energy efficient. When it comes for the drying process, the sensors inside the dryer will automatically turn off the dryer which prevents your clothes from damaging or burning.

The machine can even recognize the amount of water in your clothes to choose the perfect drying option. You can even add a special fragrant to your clothes while drying, and in the process adds some beautiful aroma to your clothes. What else can you admire from a machine than this?

Specifications: Energy Efficiency: B Grade/ Power: 100 Watts/ Product Dimensions: 600x660x650 (mm) WxDxH

Pros & Cons

  • Eco-dry technology
  • A user can add fragrant when drying your clothes
  • B Grade energy efficient which is not so bad
  • Does not come with a transparent door which makes it difficult to see your clothes

2. Electra TDC7100S 7 Kg Condenser Tumble Dryer

This awesome product comes with a futuristic design with tons of advanced features. When it comes for the performance and reliability, the machine goes beyond the expectations. However, the machine doesn’t have good grade of energy efficiency which is the biggest drawback on this appliance. But it fulfills this drawback by providing other advanced features.

The machine is designed to eliminate the moisture or water from your fabric without damaging them. The machine’s sensors will automatically detect when all the moisture in the clothes is withdrawn.

This feature also helps to save the electricity by cutting off the power on exact time. This dryer is able to dry almost every type of material including, silk, wool, linen, leather and more, these are the advantages it offers.

Specifications: Product Dimensions: N/A/ Energy Efficiency Grade: B/ Capacity: 7 Kg

Pros & Cons

  • Retro Design
  • Auto turn off
  • Moisture detection sensors
  • Price is bit higher than compared to the features

3. Beko DCR3161W 9kg Condenser Tumble Dryer

This heavy-duty 9 Kg dryer offers a lot of useful feature. The convenient LED panel will display all the things about your dryer in one place. With this machine you don’t have to worry about the over drying problem of your clothes. It will automatically turn off the machine when your clothes is dried, and also, it prevents your clothes from being stiffed or faded due to over-drying.

It will automatically detect the optimal dryness level on your cloth and cut off the power to stop the drying process. The large size transparent door on the machine will help you to easily see through the tumble. Also, it helps you to put large size clothes e.g sheets and blankets, without cramming them.

This dryer offers a unique feature. The illuminating LED light which illuminates the interior of the drum so that you don’t need flashlight or any other external lighting. Surprisingly this machine offers 26 drying options to from.

Specifications: Product Dimensions :60 x 60 x 85 cm/ Standard Capacity Cycle :9 Kilograms/ Energy Efficiency: B/ Efficiency (10 classes): A+++ to D/ Capacity: 9 Kilograms/ Annual Energy Consumption :616 Kilowatt Hours/ Noise Level: 66 d

Pros & Cons

  • Large 33’’ Door
  • LED Panel
  • Illuminating LED lights in interior
  • Still B grade energy efficiency in £300

4. Bosch A++ Rated Condenser Tumble Dryer

Bosch company is known for making premium and reliable electronic appliances in multiple fields. Same scenario is what we ve’ got here; they have followed their signature rule in this appliance as well. This Bosch dryer is fast, reliable and secure. The company aims to be the best condenser dryer with high efficiency.

The main thing we should consider about the product is that the machine has an A ++ rating of energy efficiency. Comes with an 8 Kg of drum which is ideal for a mid-size family.

Whether you fill the drum completely or partially, the performance of the machine will not be reduced. However, it comes with a quick 40 features which will help dry your clothes within a minutes and saves energy (ideal for small loads.)

Specifications: Rating: A++ energy rating/ Drum capacity: 8kg/ Product Dimensions: 842 (H) x 598 (W) x 636 (D)

Pros & Cons

  • A++ energy ratings
  • 11 drying options
  • Ideal for mid-sized family
  • Much expensive as compare to others

5. Hoover DXOC9TCEB Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer

This awesome condenser tumble dryer which features a lot of smart sensors and lets you to dry your clothes easily. Its sensors will detect the amount of water moisture in the clothes and will adjust the sensitivity and timing accordingly. If you’ve some delicate fabrics like wool and linen, you can adjust the settings to mild so that the machine will carefully dry the fabric.

But it will require more time and energy. When it comes to the controls, you can use the smart touch app for Android smart phones to measure and control the dryer conveniently. If you’ve a fabric which can dry up quickly, then just set your dryer to” quick dry” which is specifically designed for light fabrics which can be dried in a snap.

Specifications: Product Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 85 cm/ Energy Efficiency: B/Weighted Annual Energy Consumption: 617 Kilowatt Hours Per Year/ Capacity: 9 Kilograms

Pros & Cons

  • Can control the dryer with your smartphone
  • Smart and sleek design
  • “Quick dry” to dry your clothes faster
  • The app doesn’t work if you’re far from the appliance, even when the Wi-Fi signals is available

6. Candy 10kg Condenser Dryer

This Candy model delivers creativity at a certain level. The highlight is a rare and exclusive water tank features built in the doorway. This super-advanced tank helps you to see it and track levels of water to see through if they need to be drained. There’s also a convenient-to-use button that allows the task of cleaning a snap!

This model also provides drying sensor technology to tackle over-drying problems that might make the fabrics more prone to tear. In addition, there’s a reversing drum to battle wrinkles and wraps without any personal involvement. This dryer is compliant with One Touch technology, which helps you to control it with your Android smartphone.

Specifications:Product Dimensions 850 (H) x 600 (W) x 600 (D) /10kg drum capacity/ B energy rating/ Condenser tumble dryer/ 14 drying programmer/

Pros & Cons

  • Smart touch technology
  • Easy to use
  • No vibration
  • Not good for small size laundry

7. Candy Grand’O Vita GVSC9DCGR 9Kg Condenser

This is a large-capacity dryer that has a lot extras. Firstly, you get such a handy LED panel that shows the time left on each set. This functionality is the essential to keep track of loads. You’ll really enjoy this function if you’ve ever lived with an over-drying issue that left your clothes rigid, fading and vulnerable to bursts of cloth.

In fact, the dryer may pause in the process, as soon as it senses that the maximum level of dryness has been achieved. It’s certainly worth nothing without the large keyhole window on the dryer. The hole provides a 32-centimeter area for loading products. Which means no padding or cramming while filling bed sheets or blankets.

Specifications: Product Dimensions 61 x 59.5 x 85 cm/ Standard Capacity Cycle 9 Kilograms/ Energy Efficiency B

Pros & Cons

  • 14 Drying options
  • Large reservoir tank
  • The design is not so good as compare to other models in the list


Drying clothes in winter or in raining season is the biggest problem while doing laundry. You can purchase a tumble dryer to get rid of drying your clothes natural which of course takes a lot of time. This appliance is the best option. A condenser tumble dryer absorbs humidity from your moist fabrics in a tube, also related to as a tank, which is housed inside the tumbler itself.

This reservoir stores that water and you just have to drain it when it’s loaded. Most of these appliances model notify you anytime the tank is full. If you’re searching for the best condenser tumble dryers, this article will be helpful for you




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