Dish drying rack is increasingly becoming popular in modern homes. People are tired of having to spend hours drying dishes, yet that can be easily done with applying simple method of acquiring this kitchen device. It is available in different structures, colours, and materials. Some are open while others closed.

However, this kitchen appliance makes your washing easier. It simplifies your work by drying up your dishes within a short period of time.

This unique equipment is not as expensive as you may think. The pricing is fair and varies with its qualities. Simple racks cost cheaper than detailed ones it all depends on the quality that you decide to go for. Unlike other kitchen appliances, it is light and flexible. You can easily change adjust its position without struggling.

Factors To Consider When Looking For A Dish Drying Rack

Like other kitchenware, serious consideration is needed before buying a dish rack. Do not focus on appearance only. Check out other factors that will make it suitable for your kitchen and these factors are the:


Adding an adorable look in the kitchen is one of the reasons for acquiring this special item in a home. Therefore, make sure you buy a pretty and classy drying rack.


It would be ridiculous to purchase something that will not fit in your space. Dish racks are found in different sizes. This allows you to choose what is fitting In your area.


The most commonly used materials are plastic and stainless steel. Both are easy to clean and maintain.Stainless steel is more durable compared to others. However, it’s pricey. Plastic is less strong but cheap. Be wise when choosing the material you want because you wouldn’t want to go for a replacement in few days after purchase due to damage.

The Best Types Of The Dish Rack

Collapsible over sink drainer:

This is perfect for individuals who like light items. It’s made of plastic and has a removable utensil tray. Its material is durable, you cannot go wrong with this option.

Roll Up Dish Drying:

It’s unique on its own. It can be rolled up into a single item. Its flexibility makes it possible to store in a drawer. It cannot rust and holds any type of utensils, including pots. Though it lacks a divided section hence difficult to organize dishes.


This is suitable for someone in love with stainless steel. It’s well divided, giving you section for soap, cooking utensils and chopping boards. Its feet are made of rubber, making it firm. It can carry up to 28 pounds of dishes.


Go for this if your space is tiny. It has a detachable cutlery cup. It’s coated with a wire base hence protects dishes from breaking and it should be perfect for your kitchen.

Extra tips worth apply to your dish rack:

Dish dryers can be stressful sometimes. Being equipped with great ideas will help you handle it better Here are the tips you need to know about this appliance.

1. Are you tired of constantly wiping accumulated water on your countertop? The solution to this is placing a towel underneath your rack. Remember to replace it daily. Ensure you dry it each time it’s used.

2. Some racks lack trays. The cookie sheet is what you need if yours doesn’t have a tray. Put the cookie under your rack and notice how it dries faster than towels.

3. Take dishes away and dry the tray. Your rack won’t be enough for all your kitchenware. To make things easier, take your dishes away from the dryer once they dry up and arrange in your cabinet. This will prevent congestion of wet dishes.

4. Don’t throw away your old dish dryer. Make good use of your retired rack instead of getting rid of it. Place in your cabinets and use it to organize trays, lids, and pots.

5. Create more space, don’t be discouraged if your dish rack occupies a big space. Simply remove the bottom part of your cabinet and put your rack there. Make sure its position will still allow water to drop to the sink.

Steps Of Cleaning Dish Rack

Washing your dish wrongly may ruin it completely. It’s equipment that requires special care while handling. The steps to be followed when cleaning are:.

1. Carefully dismantle all the parts and place them on your sink. Make sure you put in order so that you don’t lose any of the parts because when any of the part get missing, you will find it very difficult to couple back to its accuracy.

2. Clean the components separately. Never clean the parts all at once because each of them requires a different kind of attention.

3. Ensure you scrub all corners of the rack. Use dish liquid to remove all the stains. Do the scrubbing with a soft brush to avoid reaping off the shelf.

4. Rinse thoroughly with clean running water. Add one cup of white vinegar and wash thoroughly. Then dip in water to make sure all the vinegar is wiped off.

5. Finally, dry off using a clean towel. Avoid using paper towels because they’ll stick on the rack. Again, don’t let the item air dry. Doing so leaves moisture underneath, causing molds on your item.

Benefits Of Using Dish Drying Rack Over The Sink

Few individuals prefer using countertops rather than utensils rack. As much as both serve the same purpose, the rack is far much better The benefits it provides are incredible.


With a dish dryer, you don’t have to hesitate to call your guests into your kitchen. Visitors like helping out, especially in washing dishes. You can confidently allow them to assist, and they’ll enjoy arranging your utensils in the rack.

Brings Out Style:

Dishwasher rack replaces the plain look with an adorable appearance. Your kitchen will turn lively once you introduce this precious item.

Easy Retrieval Of Utensils:

Getting small utensils out of the cabinet is tiresome. With a dish rack, you can easily spot a knife or fork and take it out within seconds.

Reduces Risks Of Breakage:

Most glassware breaks as a result of poor arrangement in the cabinet. Dish drying rack organizes your utensils and prevents the breakage of dishes.

Take less space:

Small racks occupy less space yet stores lots of your things. Flexible ones allow you to roll them up and store somewhere else when not in use. This provides you extra space for prepping food.

The Bottom Line

The dish drying rack is a fantastic feature that shouldn’t miss in your kitchen. There are plenty of them, it’s up to you to settle on what suits you best. Don’t be too blinded with the looks. Consider budget, space, and quality before purchasing, if I am to go for any, surely I will go for quality, durability and also be more space conscious.

The question that will first come to your mind when about to purchase is, what is the space of my kitchen? so it is the space of your kitchen that will actually determine the size you would want to go for. But does not determine the quality.

Beside, here are the few list of good and durable qualities you can find in the market or online so the choice is up to you to decide on which one to go for.






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