Electric hobs are even more popular than ever before, partly as a result of a shift in living trends and cooking styles. With even more individuals residing in apartments, it appears that this kitchen appliance are the safest choice for housing programmers. The regulations and duties involved, together with fitting gas hobs, are no longer practical.

However, These appliances are getting to be a typical point in modern-day and latest kitchens, and are usually accordingly available within many colors. The traditional form in the kitchen hob is usually changing.

Usually, they are 60cm wide and possess four cooking specific zones, but now the extra-wide models are offering at-home cooks the chance to be able to have more overall flexibility.

The extended food preparation zones give a new cooling-off segment, supporting to time the particular preparation of meals to perfection.

The touch controls offer a fine temperature handle, and the timer option allows you to concentrate on other things and typically leave the hob to control the cooking period. You can pick from touch controls or dial, and trim or no trim (referred to the beveled edge or perhaps frame less).

A ceramic hob is a more recent technology, and typically the most popular electric variant. Here you will find the best of it.


1. Samsung C61R2AEE

You are free to put this sleek plus stylish Samsung creation, designed for the kitchen, not only is usually please to the eye. At the same time, this hob is a particular perfect cooking device for you. That is since Samsung C61R2AEE is user-friendly with its easy to use controls, and you can also lower your cooking time. Whenever it comes to this worldwide company, you could always make sure of the highest quality of this Samsung creation. This Samsung hob is one of the superlative ceramic hobs nowadays, and what’s incredible is usually its price.

Specifications: Product Dimensions 5.3 x 57.5 x 50.5 cm/ 4 Number of Zones/ Weight 7.5 Kg/ Touch Control.

Pros & Cons

  • Touch controls for heat adjustments
  • Easy to blends into the kitchen seamlessly
  • Offers quick heat
  • Various size zones
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Reasonably price
  • No add-ons like a timer


The GIONIEN GCE460TC is the top-notch and easily usable electric hob that you can easily use to obtain the outcomes you want during cooking. The GIONIEN GCE460TC is proved to be among the best low-priced ceramic electric hobs available today. It is true that the price level of this hob is less than nearly all of its competitors!

GIONIEN GCE460TC is well furnished with four areas, touch control, and a new lockable panel. With this electric hob, you can cook very quickly, and it is exquisite for stir-fries and sealing or browning meats in addition to its four diverse cooking zones that may easily cope in regards to cooking food, for family-sized meals.

The process of cleaning is also helped by its modern smooth surface leaving behind no places regarding dirt to the villa; you only need to wipe lower after use.

Specifications: Product Dimensions 59 x 52 x 5.2 cm/ Four zones/ Weight 9.1 Kg/ Touch Control.

Pros & Cons

  • Low price but high quality
  • The technology of Automatic heat up is added
  • Touch control is easy to use
  • Child safety lock
  • Only 12 months warranty

3. Hotpoint HR612CH


In the situation that you want an innovative, low priced yet reliable hob, then you are required to take into consideration the Hotpoint HR612CH. This is reliable, comprehensible, and can look after big size meals for a big size family. This Hotpoint creation is able to heat pots, pans and other things all together.

You can use a simple to use, and the top quality touch control interface for this purpose. The Hotpoint HR612CH has four specific zones, from which one is flexible to serve you well.

The Hotpoint HR612CH arrives with an eye-catching design and 24- month warranty. Hotpoint HR612CH is an affordable ceramic electric hob, yet it is still worth your precious time and effort. A victor if you want a budget-friendly ceramic electric hob.

Specifications: Product Dimensions 4.6 x 58 x 51 cm/ Four zones/ Easily adjustable Dual Zone/ Touch Control

Pros & Cons

  • Economical
  • Lots of safety Specs
  • Only much-needed basics added

4. Neff N70 T18FD36X0


This specific Neff creation is remarkable that will cover all your requirements just the way you like. You will get four zones in models. An individual will be amazed to learn that each and every individual one is different. It will provide you with the facility to perform various kinds of multiple tasks at the same time.

A recurring heat indicator is added in the package. The purpose of this indicator in this Neff making is to ensure that everything is cool or at room temperature when you like to use. The settings are rather small, so you have to turn on the lights for using them.

Specifications: Product Dimensions 4.5 x 80.2 x 52.2cm/ Four zones available/ Weight 12 Kg/ Touch Control.

Pros & Cons

  • Touch control can be used easily
  • Chic design
  • Safety Specs
  • Cleaning is trouble-free
  • A bit Costly
  • Settings are rather small


SIA INDH75BL is one of the best ceramic electric hobs that quickly cook your food without any trouble. It is one of the most sold items by the end of 2019. It comes with all the essential functions you need in a ceramic hob. The product is ETL certified, which is the protection against any incident against electric appliances.

The ETL certification proves that it has the best protection against electric shocks. You can even wipe it with water because it has ip68 waterproof protection (mainly used in smartphones).

This ceramic electric hob offers you nine heating sets to choose the heating level according to your food type. The best and unique thing about this Hob is that it comes with a Hot Indicator Surface. This feature will light up the boundaries of the hot surface, and the “H” will appear, which indicates that this point is warm to touch.

So that you can avoid and prevent the burns. It comes with SONAR sensors, which will automatically heat-up the surface of the Hob. But according to the dimensions of your cookware. The Hob will automatically stop heating when there is no pan detected, saving the power and accidental burns.

Specifications: Five multiple heating elements of different sizes/ Product Dimensions: W750 x D520 x D62/ Safety: Tempered Glass and Child Lock/ Overall max power: 7200 watts (when all elements are in use in max settings).

Pros & Cons

  • Long 5 years’ parts and two years’ work warranty
  • Hot surface indicator
  • SONAR sensors
  • Power-efficient
  • Much heavier in size

6. Aobosi Electric Ceramic Hob

Adobe Electric ceramic hob is the best choice for some premium type of electric ceramic Hob. It offers dual heating elements with an independent temperature knob, which helps you to cook your food vastly. The best thing about this Hob is its multiple smart functions and features, which will allow you to customize your cooking completely.

The product is offered by Adobsi, which is popularly known for its kitchen appliances and is the most sold product record by the end of 2019. This electric ceramic Hob has all the necessary safety features for your needs. It offers an anti-burn feature.

This feature will automatically detect and turn up the heating element and automatically turn off the item when no cookware is identified. It just heats the area of the component covered by cookware and doesn’t include the non-used area.

This technique will save power and any accidental burns. This cook top has four parts (two extra-durable components) and amazingly responsive, easy-to-use multi-touch using heat radiation and a 30- / 36inch frame. The cook top is different because it contains an element specifically designed for food products designed to prevent burning or excessive heat at extraordinarily low temps.

Specifications: Heating Elements: 2/ Power: 1000 watts and 1800 watts.

Pros & Cons

  • Automatically detects cookware by using magnetic radiations and keeps the non-used surface cool
  • Child lock to prevent accidental burns
  • Can be plugged-in on any standard house switch
  • Price is a bit expensive
  • Only two heating elements

7. COOKOLOGY IB065 Electric Ceramic Hob


The latest show on our list, its Cook top profile, stands out from its previous version in some important ways. So first, there are up to five (5 heat exchange elements that can cross the two on the left side to prepare food on bakery products, skillets, and bigger kitchenware. There are also two high-powered components and fantastic multi-touch, which allow complete warming control.

The ceramic trim is recognized because it is similar to its JP5030SJSS counterpart. Specific design components provide a hot-continuous atmosphere, preserving, desiccating, and overheating food at a constant warm temperature.

Specifications: Weight: 11kg/ Product Dimensions: 68.8 x 64.4 x 11.2 cm/ Power: 7200 watts.

Pros & Cons

  • 2 Normal size and one long size heating element
  • Keep Warm feature
  • Multiple safety features
  • Controls are not much useful


The technology is getting better and better nowadays. The same way most of the kitchen appliances are now replacing from the latest ones. Like ordinary pan toasting of the bread, the slice has now been replaced with toasters. The same way the gas stoves are soon returning with electric ceramic hobs.

Because they’re much more comfortable and safe to use, unlike gas stoves, they have accidentally burned protection, which prevents accidental burns, which gas stove doesn’t offer. Using a gas stove is also very dangerous because if you forget to turn off the switch. The gas will spread all over your house, and it’s hazardous. But electric hobs are the best in safety. That’s why you should also move to electric hobs.


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