The hand blender is a lightweight and portable device that is used for blending, whisking, and pureeing. It is an essential part of any kitchen as consumes less time to prepare a quick and easy meal. If taken from the name then yes primarily it was used only for blending but with modern technology and the addition of other accessions makes it useable for other purposes such as chopping and whisking.

Investing on the best blender can enhance the cooking skills and it helps to prepare the different forms of foods from blending liquids to chopping vegetables and fruits and also whisking batters for delicious cakes.

Hand blenders are not much different from other countertop ones. This kitchen appliance is quite efficient and portable. There is no need to put the ingredients in blending jar instead you can use it directly in the utensils. The delicious smoothies can be ready within seconds right in the glass without spilling any drop of liquid.

A healthy soup can be prepared quickly just by putting the hand blender in soup containers. A quick and easy tomato paste puree for pasta and pizza is prepared in any container having tomatoes. Mincing veggies for salad and salsa can be done by adding an extra attachment and can enjoy it.

An important accessory such as whisk is a great help to whisking eggs for a fluffy omelet and baking cakes. This kitchen gadgets are less noisy as compared to other bulky products. Here is the sorted list of the best for your kitchen use.


1. Braun MultiQuick 1 MQ100 Hand Blender

Braun’s MultiQuick hand blender can work with ease and bring comfort in your life. It can use to make a wide range of healthy recipes including delicious soups and smoothies. It comes with a 600ml plastic beaker with a detachable wand. The powerful motor at a reasonable price can smoothly do the task and one can feel the power that transfers to food.

Specifications: Material Plastic/ Product Dimensions 10.2 x 15 x 20.3 cm/ Weight 540 g/ Power/wattage 450 watts.

Pros & Cons

  • Ultra-hard stainless steel blades
  • The flower bell shape can draw the food towards the blades and results in fast and efficient blending
  • Safe and efficient and consume less space
  • Cannot adjust the speed
  • An adapter should be used due to two-pin plug

2. Russell Hobbs 24702 Desire 3 in 1 Hand Blender

It comes with two effective speeds with a manual pulse; the speed can be adjusted according to the food. The powerful motor of 500W helps to grind or chop the ingredients within seconds. The extra attachments such as beaker, whisk and chopping can level up your cooking skills.

It proves to be an ideal tool in your kitchen if you love cooking. It can save time and space and you don’t need to switch to other appliances for mixing, chopping, and whisking. All the tasks can be done in just one go by just pushing a single button. The attachments can easily be detached and stored separately without taking much space.

Specifications: Material Plastic/ Product Dimensions 6.3 x 6.3 x 39.5 cm/ Weight 1.82 Kg/ Power/wattage 500 watts.

Pros & Cons

  • This 3 in 1 hand blender comes in two adjustable speeds with incorporated a manual pulse to effectively modify the blending.
  • The detachable parts are easy to wash and compatible well with any dishwasher.
  • Beaker capacity is 700ml
  • Chopping bowl capacity is 500ml
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Free whisk attachment
  • Blending for a longer time may damage the motor.
  • Chopping hard vegetables can damage the blades

3.Kenwood Triblade System Hand Blender

The Kenwood Company always updated the previous versions with something more exciting and unique. This tri-blade hand blender with power 800 W can blend the ingredients effectively in a controlled manner. The ergonomic design of the handle makes it use easily and comfortably. It is one of the best-selling blending system. It comes with a masher and a beaker as an attachment.

Specifications: Material Plastic/ Product Dimensions 7.29 x 7.29 x 41.99 cm/ Weight 1.7 kg/ Power/wattage 800 watts.

Pros & Cons

  • The triple-blade system can provide the best blending system for any recipe.
  • The speed with pulse gives precise control
  • The blender comes with a central top cord makes its utilization easy and comfortable.
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts
  • The plastic body may get a stain.
  • Run-on only one speed

4. Elgento E12009N Stick Hand Blender

This lightweight, inexpensive and portable hand blender stick can do wonders in your kitchen. By pushing a single button can make delicious smoothies and soups. Although with low power 200 W, the durable stainless steel blades can blend effectively and efficiently.

It can also be used for outdoor activities and do not need any fancy utensil to use. It can be used directly in any glass or container for making a delicious smoothie. The handle is comfortable to hold and it comes with a good one year guarantee which further extends with registration.

Specifications: Material Stainless Steel/ Product Dimensions 6.7 x 6.7 x 35.5 cm/ Weight 621 g/ Power/wattage 200 watts.

Pros & Cons

  • The ultra-durable stainless steel blades are ideal to make smoothies, soups, and juices.
  • The comfortable use due to the Ergonomic design
  • Dishwasher save
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • The potato masher attachment does not work well for hard potatoes.
  • Run-on only one speed

5. Moulinex Quick Chef – Hand Blender

This high power Moulinex 3 in 1 quick chef hand blender prepares a variety of recipes just in one go. The high-performance motor with 1000 W can precisely control the regulated speed and the turbo function can enhance the perfect blending, chopping, and mixing. It comes with a soft, strong

gripped handle and a splash guard provides great comfort during the food process. The speed can be adjusted without stopping the blender. The Ergonomic design provides a non- slip handle for better control with wet hands. The four blades can enhance the performance up to 30%. The attachments can easily detached and dishwasher safe.

Specifications: Material Alloy Steel/ Product Dimensions 25.8 x 25.2 x 14.4 cm/ Weight 1.62 Kg/ Power/wattage 1000 watts.

Pros & Cons

  • Measuring cup capacity is 0.8 liter
  • Variable using wheel 10 Speeds and turbo function
  • Detachable Extra-long stainless steel foot
  • The capacity of the chopper is 0.5 liter
  • Can be a bit noisy for some people

6. Andrew James Hand Blender 3 in 1 Set

The durable and stainless steel blades of this Andrew James 3 in 1 hand blender can blend and chop any dry, frozen, or wet indigents. The protective guard surrounded by rotating teeth can protect the utensils from any scratches and damage.

The high-performance motor with power 1000W can crush the dry fruits into evenly sized chunks and these chunks can further be converted into powder by giving quick pulses. The blender is in high demand for making salsa sauces, guacamole and pesto.

Specifications: Material Rubber / Stainless Steel/ Product Dimensions 40.79 x 6.49 x 6.49 cm/ Weight 1.84 Kg/ Power/wattage 1000 watts.

Pros & Cons

  • The 3 in 1 kitchen hand blender can do any task such as chopping, processing, and blending
  • Dishwasher safe and the attachments can easily remove and clean.
  • The high power 1000 watts provide fast and fine blending to prepare breakfast smoothies, soups, and baby food within seconds.
  • A bit noisy for some people
  • Limited time duration warranty

7. Homgeek 2-in-1 HAT-9630B Hand Blender

The high-performance Homgeek 2 in 1 hand blender comes in adjustable speed control and turbo function. The motor and other attachments can detach easily and are stored separately. The company claims that the durable stainless steel blades work more efficiently from other brands. The shaft can be disassembling easily and perfectly safe to wash in dishwasher.

Specifications: Material Stainless Steel/ Product Dimensions 13.5 x 11 x 22.8 cm/ Weight 1.12 Kg/ Power/wattage 1000 watts.

Pros & Cons

  • The 2 in 1 hand blender effectively done blending tasks and prepares all kinds of recipes in
  • less time.
  • The speed of this Homgeek electric hand blender is adjustable with an instant turbo function.
  • Dishwasher safe and the parts can easily be detached and clean separately.
  • The company claims the high performance of full copper motor which can run two times longer from other traditional hand blenders.
  • The outer body gets warm if used longer than the mentioned time


The hand blenders are taking less time to prepare any food of your choice. It is an ideal product for any kitchen and does the task effortlessly. The multi-functional tool with additional accessions like chopper and whiskers can make life easy and you can be experimental with your cooking skills as it saves a lot of time.

The key to blending the food finely and avoiding any splatters the blender should immerse into the food as far as possible. The blender should be unplugged if the food gets stuck between the blades. The blender should not be left standing in the container due to its heavy top, the blender should detach from motor first.

Do not use hands-on running blades as it causes serious damage. Make sure to read the manual before using the appliance.


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