An appropriate kitchen tools can be quite interesting when in use. Enjoying homemade drinks to blend smoothies and making orange juice  you can add all the ingredients according to your taste. Having one of these  best kitchen blenders can make you enjoy different beverages just in few minutes. Only speed is the factor that plays an important role in choosing the best.

In this guide, we’re going to look at the top five best of this appliance that are relatively available on the market today. If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned, be sure to check the links in the description box below.

Here Are The Top Five:

  • Duronic Hand Blender HB8010
  • Duronic Electric Blender BL1200
  • AICOK Blender smoothie maker
  • Hanno High Performance Blender
  • Russell Hobbs 24722 Desire Jug Blender

1. Russell Hobbs 24722 Desire Jug Blender


It is known as the best affordable blender. Its Matt black finish gives it a stylish edge. This kitchen gadget has a simple set up and use. Kitchen isn’t complete without a blender. Quality cooking required good blender. Easy to blend and whiz up different fruits and vegetables to make desired smoothie, soup, drinks, cocktails, juices etc.

This 650W desired jug blender has a 1.5 liter glass jug. That allows blending mixture in good quantity. This blender makes effortless blending due to its stainless steel 4 edged blades. These blades are removable which makes glass jug easy to use and clean too.

The Desire Jug Blender is comprised to two speeds and a pulse function. In which you can adjust speed according to the ingredients to be blended. Slow speed can be made for thick mixtures and high speed for smooth mixtures. This jug blender not only unique in its blending; besides consider safety deeply. A removable filler cap is intended for this appliance to add ingredients into blender in different steps.

The Desire Matte Black Jug Blender is operational by means of handy cord storage beneath the base. This enables you to wrap the cord efficiently beneath the blender. This blender works at 240 volts and had working noise for about 89dB. This blender works better as compared to other available expensive models in market. It also works as a JUICER because of its stainless steel BLADES through notched edges. In addition, you can avail one year extra warranty if you buy this blender online.

If you are looking for a blender then it’s a dense blender. Russell Hobbs desired jug blender comes with exclusive qualities and a handy cord storage which is fit under its base. This helps to keep blender neat and clean.

Specifications: Weight: 4.28/ Product dimension: 18.8 x 20.7 x 41.5/ Watts: 650.

Pros & Cons

  • Russell Hobbs Jug Blender is available in good price.
  • This desired Jug Blender is quite effective.
  • This jug blender not only works on quality but also had a safety lock on base.
  • Russell Hobbs blender has access to only two speed settings for work.
  • This blender not appropriate for making ice cream.

2. Hanno High Performance Blender


Kitchen products are designed to enjoy cooking. Good quality design and better working are equally important. This blender from Springlane balance vitamins throughout. This blender flexible for numerous types of smoothies and soups. It blends down soft fruits just as consistently as hard veggies. You can even crush ice or some nuts within seconds using Hanno Blender.

There are some basic parts attached with this blender. Such as a motor base, stainless steel blades, recipes brochure, guidebook, large 2.5 liters plastic jar. The high-class blades stay pointed even in everyday use. This blender accessed with powerful 2.7 HP motor. Hanno Blender can easily blend vegetable and fruits due to its 2000 watt performance. This blender consists of a blade that operates at speed of 32000 rpm.

Besides its performance, Hanno blender easy to use and clean. This blender utilized by 4 function buttons: right speed for pulsing, grinding, mixing and crushing ice fruits. The mechanical cleaning purpose removes all left over for your ease. Hanno High Performance Blender comes with a thermal override. That helps to prevent overheating. This blender certified by SGS. That means you can use it without any fear or subsequent thoughts.

Specifications: Weight: 6.09/ Product dimension: 39.5 x 31.27.3/ Watts: 2000

Pros & Cons

  • Hanno blender has unbelievable power.
  • This blender worth buying kitchen tool.
  • It is quite very easy to use.
  • Hanno High Performance Blender has no warranty.
  • Hanno High Performance Blender is designed with multiple features. It is known as one of the best blenders to be used in kitchen.

3. AICOK Blender Smoothie Maker


It is a professional kitchen tool. This blender known for its durability and prolonged existence. AICOK developed this blender with fabulous quality. AICOK blender offers you multiple features like shaking, chopping and MIXER. This blender is powerful in its speed.

It works at 34000 rpm speed with 6 stainless steel blades. You can easily blend hard veggies, fruits, different seeds within few minutes. This is used to make desired shakes and cocktails.

This blender comes up with 2 liter containers. This blender has four programmed settings that help to control speed. “Whereas” it’s special characteristic includes pulse function that aids to blend out bigger food pieces precisely.

With which you can make good quantity mixture. Its feet design helps to reduce noise while processing. This blender had six blades which are made of stainless steel. These blades allow ice to crush, vegetables to mix and several other functions.

In addition, this blender has an enhanced function for self-cleaning. You just need to add some water with few drops of detergent and set it to clean. However, cleaning time can easily be controlled. This feature makes kitchen work quite easy. It hardly takes 50 seconds to clean the jug.

Furthermore, all parts of this blender are LFGB certified. This blender made from BPA free materials that are safe and sound materials. Therefore, it can also be used to cook food for little ones.

Specifications: Weight: 5.32/ Product dimension: 44.2 x 28.5 x 32.5/ Material: Titanium stainless steel blades, BPA free/ Watts: 1500

Pros & Cons

  • AICOK Blender smoothie maker is known for its durability.
  • This blender designed with advanced configuration of noise control while grinding.
  • This kitchen item is top-notch. It’s actually prevailing, quick and modish.
  • This blender not appropriate for chopping. It produced a paste relatively than chopped food items.
  • A high-class blender should be available in every good quality kitchen. AICOK is known to be included among the best blenders available in the market. If is simple to use and easy to clean.

4. Duronic Electric Blender BL1200


Duronic tries its best to develop products according to their customers need. This blender unique due to its blending power. Duronic electric blender introduced in its new version BL1200. This blender has a 1.8 liter Titan jug. Base of this jug is about 17×17 cm. This makes it perfect for kitchen tool. Duronic blender BPA free.

This blender known for its durability and strength. It’s quite light in weight as compare to glass jug blenders. Duronic lender has a stainless steel body. It is accessed with m modern technology, having LED based indicators.

Duronic blender works at power for 1200 watt. That can easily blend the drinks and other food items. It works on basis of its 4 unique blades. That helps in chopping, crushing seeds etc. This blender has an enhanced feature for crushing ice to make desired beverages.

Furthermore, this blender based on two different speed settings. Among which one is used for mixing soft items. Similarly, other is used to crush ice. Speed can be adjusted according to the blending requirement. Using this blender one can be creative in cooking. This blender in not used only for making juice or smoothie. Even though, it can also be used for baking purposes. Possibilities for unique recipes are never ending.

Similarly, Duronic blender very easy to clean. Using BL 1200 blender it’s easy to clean the blender by auto clean function. The jug for this blender can also be clean nicely by removing its blades. “As” this kitchen tool comes with versatile opening. Duronic blender one of the best known blenders. It is enhanced with advanced technology. It’s best for cooking as well as baking. Besides, the blender not secured for hot liquids, its best known blender nowadays.

Specifications: Weight: 4.8kg/ Product dimension: 17 x 17 x 42/ Material: Glass/ stainless steel/ Watts: 1200

Pros & Cons

  • Duronic blender has a jug that is dishwasher protected.
  • This blender easy to clean with auto clean function.
  • This blender not suitable for hot liquids.
  • Overfilling the blender will last the lid to pop off during mixing.
  • Duronic blender has no warranty.

5. Duronic Hand Blender HB8010


It is not possible to imagine any kitchen without a blender. This hand blender accelerates in simple means. It can whip cream, mix, blend smoothies, make batters for pancakes, etc. All you need to do is add food items in bowl, and press the button to mix all together. Duronic hand blender works at 800W power. It’s not just a regular blender. It can be used for several functions for blending.

Duronic hand blender comes with 2 jugs, cups and base storage unit. This blender comes with whisk, chopping blade and masher. The drink mixer encloses 2 jugs. These jugs had capacity for about 1.25 liters. This blender has three different options for speed control. This hand blender has a pulse setting option as well. That can be used to crush ice at normal speed or mix soft food items in a quick mode..

It comes with six different stainless steel blades. These blades are used to cut vegetables and fruits. It can crush frozen fruits as well. Furthermore, this blender has a manufacturer warranty for about one year.This hand blender worth buying for kitchen machinery.

Specifications: Product Dimension: 23.49 x 23.49 x 27.49/ Material: stainless – steel and plastic/ Watt: 800

Pros & Cons

  • Geepas blender enhanced with multiple features. This one kitchen tool can make work by different means.
  • This blender not incorporated with auto-clean function. It needs to be cleaned manually.
  • Duronic hand blender improved with multiple features. This blender durable and helps in kitchen for different works.

6. Nutribullet 1200 Blender


Nutribullet 1200 is also a sophisticated brand of blender which have a command of one touch button that gives you easy operation for your juicy blend. This blender comes with ultimate power package with 12 piece of set, so you don’t have to bother for any other tools for your blending, with this kind of kitchen appliance, your day to day busy lifestyle is been taken care of.

And that’s all for our top six kitchen blenders on the market. Head over to the description below for links to more detailed info on each of the products. And remember to leave a comment to let us know your opinion.

Specifications: Product Dimension:  42.2 x 17.1 x 37.5 cm/ Material: Stainless Steel/ Watt: 1200/ Item Weight: 2.39 kg.


When you need any of this kitchen appliance, it is really advisable to settle and go for the best, why the best? it will definitely save you more time and money. In other words, there are loads of blender which you know are cheap but it cannot take you longer than expected. Durability and quality is what you want for your kitchen, so go for it!



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