The kitchen is one of the essential place in a home. Everyone wants to give it the best look. Some have even gone beyond  creativity and hit their style with it. An outdoor kitchen is now the trend in many families. People are trying to make their kitchen more than just a cooking place.

Indoor’s limits your styling ideas and that’s when to think of having an outdoor kitchen. It adds beauty to your garden and also provides space for outdoor parties. Having it, does not mean you should dump your inside cooking place. No, you still need it. In an actual sense, you’ll use your house kitchen more often than the one outside.

Dreaming of having the coolest outdoor kitchen in the neighbourhood is nice. But the thing is, can you make it a reality? Only you can answer. A tight budget can block you from getting your desired kitchen. But still, you can make something related to it. If not exactly as you wanted. The low budget shouldn’t stop you, instead work with what you have.

Factors Determining The Kind Of Idea To Choose

Your budget-It is the main determinant of your choice. It’ll be unrealistic to choose an idea that is beyond your budget. You can never run out options with outdoor ideas. What you need to do is look for something affordable. Your sense of style- People have different taste and no one should judge yours.

You have all the right to choose what you like. The style you choose doesn’t matter. What is important is how you use your outdoor kitchen to bring it out!

Space available- it’s always good to use what you have. It’s not a must have a big patio like your neighbours for you to set up an outdoor kitchen. Look for something that fits your space. Appliances you own-some designs are more of appliances than the structure itself. It’s you to decide if you want your outdoor kitchen to have little electronics or not.

The main purpose- there are many reasons for setting up an outdoor kitchen. Knowing why you want it will help you figure out the perfect idea. For example, if your aim is holding parties or family gatherings, a fire pit is ideal. While wooden cooler is the best option if your main purpose is just cooking meals and nothing more.

How To Design Outdoor Kitchen Structures

The interesting part is designing outside the kitchen. Make it as unique as possible. I am sure you would want something to be recognized for in your hood.

Arranging your utilities well- Gas, water, and electricity should be in check. Make sure they are in a reachable place for easy retrieval. It will be disappointing to set up a nice outdoor kitchen, equipped with a cooker only to realize later that you can’t access electricity.

Select unique materials-the the materials you choose for your kitchen are very important. The beauty fully depends on it. Use materials that are appealing. Old materials will ruin the outward appearance. Hence, polish them before using.

Lighten up your kitchen- installing lights in your kitchen is a design on its own. It will brighten your kitchen and maintain security. Your kid will no longer fear to go to an outdoor kitchen anytime you send him.

Make it simple-avoid using a complicated structure. That will cancel out everything. Use a simple arrangement and leave it at that point. Overdoing it doesn’t add any value. On the contrary, it gives a weird look.

Set up in the right place- It’s true you are in control of your home. where you build your outdoor kitchen is your business. Warning though, choose an appropriate place. You can put up the best structure in your garden but if it’s in the wrong place then no one will pay attention. Instead of people praising it, they’ll be mocking your insensitivity.

The Safety Precautions You Should Take

Precautions taken in the indoor and outdoor kitchen are the same. They both need special care to avoid accidents. No one needs to remind you how dangerous the kitchen is, especially for kids. Handle appliances with care- Any electronic you’ll have in your kitchen should be handled carefully.

Don’t allow your child to get hold of them. Arrange them properly and put the most delicate out of reach. Lock it up- Locking up may be difficult. But do it if you can. At first, it’ll be hard to maintain the routine of closing it. But it’s worth the trouble. If it’s impossible, have them set up in an enclosed place. Somewhere safe.

Use it regularly- Staying too long without using your items is not advisable. Don’t have an outdoor kitchen just for the show. Otherwise, you’ll get a shock when you go there only to find none of your items present. Regular visits in the outdoor kitchen help you keep your things in check.

Locate it far from the house- setting up next to your home is dangerous. Anything can happen. Fire can accidentally spread out while you are roasting your barbecue. And the whole house will burn down if it’s next to the outdoor kitchen.

Few Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

  • Drink Dispenser:

This will cost you nothing at all. You only need a bottle big enough to store lemonade or water.

  • Kids Picnic Table:

Take this chance to make something for your children. Use wood to construct them a small table, for them to play and have their meals.

  • Pizza oven:

Are you a fan of pizza and you are pissed off with the delivery delay? The pizza oven is what you need. You won’t spend a lot.

  • Bar cart:

Having beverages inside the house is becoming old. Be creative by having a bar cart in your garden.

  • Wooden Cooler:

This can never let you down. It acts as an outdoor refrigerator and you can use it as a seat when not in use.

  • Outdoor Sink And Fountain:

Your garden will get into another level with this idea. You won’t have to rush inside your house when thirsty. You’ll simply get to your fountain and suit yourself

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