Baking is one of the most enjoyable hobbies one could engage in. Anyone in love with baking will appreciate a stand mixer. With this special appliance, you can make one of your favourite cakes.

Sometimes hand-baking is tiresome. Anyone in the kitchen can testify how hard it is to mix the ingredients. It’s no wonder people prefer buying ready-made cookies or cakes rather than experiencing the tough process.

If you are thinking of having the coolest appliance in your kitchen, the stand mixer is a perfect choice. It looks adorable giving your kitchen an appetizing-look.

Naturally, people love having the best things. If you are thinking of the most fitting stand mixer for your cooking place, kitchen Aid is the one.

Although kitchen aid is considered the most perfect option, other choices are equally good. The best stand mixer 2020 are this kitchenware’s placed before you to decide on what to go for:

1. Kitchen Aid Artisan 5-quart

It’s the fastest and most effective stand mixer. Baking is time-consuming and often you’ll wait for hours before the mixing is ready. This kind of mixer will do that for you within a short time.

In addition to its efficiency, it’s available in different shades. Whether you like bright or dull colors, you’ll get something for yourself.

The splashing of the mixture is one of the most annoying occurrences while baking. It’s even more irritating if the spills get in your favourite shirt. This appliance will save you from that. It has a slow starter that controls the vigorous mixing when it’s put on.

It’s capacity allows mixing about 9 dozens cookies and 4 loaves of bread. This is quite a huge volume compared to other mixers. It’s expensive than the rest but the cost is worth it. It’s price ranges between $270-$400.

2. Kitchen Aid Artisan Min 3.3

It’s the lightest of all mixers. This is perfect for anyone who loves lightweight appliances. You can easily re position anytime you want. If your kitchen place is small, this is what you need. It occupies less space hence no need to worry about where to squeeze it.

It’s bowl is stainless – steel making it durable. You can be sure of using it for years, that is if you take good care of it. It’s equipped with features like flexible edge, dough hook, wire whip, soft start, and string handle. It’s maximum hold is 3.3 quarts.

All of its components apart from wire whisk are washable in the dishwasher. Meaning you don’t have to waste hours trying to pull out stuck-on remains on the vessels. It has an extra allowance for attachment of other kitchenware. However, you cannot attach the Ice-Cream Maker to it.

3. Hamilton Beach 7-speed

It’s the cheapest mixer is available in the market. It costs as low as $89.99 going upwards. This is certainly the right one for an individual with a low budget yet determined to furnish his kitchen.

Although it’s not as cool as other mixers, it’s convenience is worth considering. It’s user-friendly since it’s easy to read the numbers without straining.

If you like light items in your kitchen probably for quick re positioning, this is the most recommended mixer. It lacks attachment hence easy to carry around.

Unfortunately, this type takes the longest time to mix ingredients. But at least it’s better than using your hand. You’ll take longer but you won’t tire up yourself.

If you are unsure of the speed, you can always confirm from the guide provided by the manufacturers. It’s not as effective as another stand mixer that’s not a secret. Even so, it’s worth using it if your budget is too low for a fancier mixer.

4. Kenmore Elite Ovation Pour-In-Top 5

This is the most appropriate choice for neat-freak individuals. It nicely organizes your ingredients and allows you to monitor them. The look itself is pleasant.

It’s components are unique and classy. The bowl is made of glass and has extra features such as greater, egg separator, and Led light for better vision while operating it.

The base is tilted and glidy making it easy to change position on the countertop. So if you like adjusting arrangement in your kitchen, this is perfect for you.

It’s large capacity allows you to add ingredients while using it. It lacks space for extra attachment hence you cannot attach other kitchenware to it.

The glass bowl is heavy and breakable. Meaning that alertness is required while working with it. Make sure you handle the parts carefully as you clean them.

The good thing about it is you can comfortably operate without being splashed on. The bowl is clear hence you can monitor how the raisins are behaving. You’ll know in time when the mixture is almost spilling out. This kitchen appliance have a capacity of 500watt motto, 10 speeds, and simple control.

5. Kenwood KVC3100  Chef Stand Mixer

Are you in love with detailed items? Don’t set your eyes on something else other than Kenwood chef stand mixer It’s amazingly large holding a huge amount of mixtures. It’s full of unique and useful features. You can’t afford to miss its incredible performance.

It has an input counter that counts up time immediately the mixing process starts. Since you are in control, you are in charge of setting up the time it should take to do its task.

As the mixer is operating, pretty light shines down on the bowl making your baking experience more fun. You have the power to select the speed you want. The item displays the recommended task at each operation. This way you are guided on making the right settings. It also has 1000 w motto which help to maintain the power under heavy load why cooking.

Unlike other mixers, it senses heavy ingredients put on it and readjusts its speed and power instantly. However, it does not work well with bread dough.

This is certainly the best choice if your goal is to make your kitchen livelier and your countertop attractive. It’s design is pretty and its extra qualities like bells and whistles make it adorable.


The article has highlighted the best stand mixer for 2020. Each item has its own advantage and disadvantage. The ball is now on your side and it’s your responsibility to take what suits you more and product that will stand in test of time.

Choose nothing but the best you will surely enjoy the professionalism this machine will bring to your kitchen! In other words, When you purchase any of  these kitchen appliance base on your budget, you will never regret it!


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