Tumble dryers are one of the essential electronic appliances for every laundry. It can be difficult for you to dry your clothes on the roof if you’re in an area where the weather condition is typically not adequate. So you might end up hanging your clothes indoors. It requires much space and time to dry your clothes if the weather is not favorable.

This appliance has a solution to all these problems. It can dry your clothes well on time without damaging them and without leaving a crease, so you don’t need to spend much time on ironing. It’s also useful if you’re in urgent need and don’t have time to let your clothes dry naturally.

Those in laundry business, it is not new that almost every commercial laundry uses these appliances to do their laundry as fast as possible and make more profit in less time.

That’s why investing in an indoor tumble dryer can save you time and effort. When buying electronic devices, there are several things to consider before buying. Like energy efficiency, power consumption, features, reliability and much more according to your taste.

If you’re searching for the vented tumble dryers? This article will be helpful to you. Because we’ve mentioned some of the best product for you to check it out.

Different Between  Vented Tumble Dryers And Condenser?

The vented tumble dryer, is a direct opposite of its rival, which means, it doesn’t come with reservoir tank but with hoes connected to it, which can be linked outdoor, to drizzle out the water from your laundry.

The magine between these two are quite slim. Which is, the condenser is capable of absorbing the moisture from your clothes into the tube. Which simply mean that it has an installed reservoir tube or tank which accommodate the water from your laundary, after which, the water can be dispose off.

Does It Really Worth The Money?

If you ask me, I will simply say yes. The reason is quite simple, These machines are meant to replace the traditional ways of getting your clothes dry, and not just dry, but withing a short period, especially in the wet season when you need to get your clothes dry urgently.

Furthermore it doesn’t require much effort to do so. All you need to do is to transfer from your washing machine to your condenser tumble dryer, with the press of a button, your clothes is in the process of getting dry. Afterwards,  it get turned off automatically with the help of the automatic censor, that is when the drying process in complete. This is what can be refer to as a “good deal for your money”.

1. Cookology CMVD25SL Mini Vented Dryer

This dryer is an ultra-compact vented tumble dryer that is perfect for a small family. The main thing which you’ll notice after several uses, is that the small size doesn’t affect its drying quality in any way. With this machine, you can simply get three kg huge tumble, which lets you dry 7-8 clothes in a single operation.

With an automatic fry control, it will automatically adjust the temperature settings according to the humidity in the fabric.

With an air-dry option, it lets you eliminate any remaining small moisture from the cloths. This machine does come with some drawback.

The most noticeable is that it doesn’t come with two-way tumble rotation. However, this feature is not necessary and it is almost unfair to complain about it, as it costs only $149. Moreover, this ultra-portable machine only weighs about 17 kg which makes it easy to move wherever you want.

Specifications: Product Dimensions: 66 x 53 x 43 cm/ Weight: 17 Kilograms/ Capacity Cycle: 2.5 Kilograms/ Energy Efficiency: C/ Capacity: 2.5 Kilograms.

Pros & Cons

  • Ideal for small areas
  • Can be mounted on the wall through wall mount bracket/t (built-in)
  • Automatically adjust the temperature settings according to the humidity in the fabric.
  • Energy ratings aren’t good

2. Candy Grand’O Vita CSVV9LG 9Kg Vented Tumble Dryer

This Candy vented dryer is the world’s leading tumble dryer manufacturer. It offers the most high-tech and advanced features which you can’t expect from others. It allows you to dry and manage your machine through its android or IOS app. This dryer uses a sensor to dry your clothes optimally and prevents any unneeded drying to your clothes.

This means that when the fabric loses all moisture, it will automatically suspend the drying option. It’s nine kg large tumblers allows you to put even a large size fabric like bedsheet and blankets without squeezing them.

With the Smart Touch option, you can monitor and control your clothes through your smartphone. It offers a two-way drum rotation which prevents the clothes from being rolled up and saves your time during ironing.

Specifications: Product Dimensions: 61 x 59.5 x 85 cm/ Standard Capacity Cycle:9 Kilograms/ Energy Efficiency/ Capacity 9 Kilograms/ Annual Energy Consumption: 636 Kilowatt Hour.

Pros & Cons

  • Large 9 kg drum
  • 2-way drum rotation
  • Android smartphones controls
  • The timer doesn’t work correctly sometimes

3. Beko DTGV8000W 8kg Vented Tumble Dryer

This machine proves that there is real beauty in simplicity. Due to its 8kg load capacity, you can easily manage a load of four family members. Also, with this machine, you can quickly dry large fabrics of your household, with that you don’t need to send them to the commercial laundry.

Another feature of this dryer is its sensors, because it stops the cycle when all the moisture is been eliminated from your clothes. It’s vital to save electricity and to prevent your clothes from over-drying. When too dry can cause discoloration to your clothes, and it also shortens the life span of clothes.

There is another specialty in it that you will love, especially when you are the busy type. Which is the automatic alarm that comes on when the cycle is complete. So if you are looking for a powerful and long-lasting machine for your home, then there is no better option than this (according to the price).

Specifications: Product Dimensions: 597x584x885 (mm)/ Capacity: 8kg/ Power: 8000 Watts

Pros & Cons

  • Simple but powerful
  • Best for four family members
  • Alarm feature when the cycle is complete
  • Not suitable for smaller areas

4. Hoover Hl V9LG Vented Tumble dryer

This nine kg tumble dryer offers a unique and irresistible drying option. The machine provides robust performance in drying and is much more efficient than other models. With the use of sensor dry technology, you can set the level of dryness according to your clothing’s fabric so that the machine will automatically turn off when the targeted moisture is eliminated from the clothes.

With two-way drum rotation, you can rotate the drum clockwise and anti-clockwise, which also prevents your clothes from being tangled. There’s a particular 40-minute rapid drying option which dries your clothes super fast but makes your clothes rough and faded if used frequently.

Specifications: Product Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 85 cm/ Energy Efficiency: C/ Efficiency (10 classes: A+++ to G/

Weighted Annual Energy Consumption: 259 Kilowatt Hours Per Year/ Capacity: 9 Kilograms

Pros & Cons

  • Sensor drying technology
  • NFC Enabled
  • Rapid drying option
  • A Grade energy ratings
  • Only four drying options which aren’t good

5. Electriq Vented Tumble Dryer

Electriq Vented Tumble Dryer is one of the cheapest and most reliable low-budget tumble dryers. It offers a 7 kg tumble which lets you put any large towel, blanket or curtains without any bending and dries them perfectly. With its three drying mode actions, you can choose your drying level, which matches your fabric.

With the child lock feature, you can prevent your children from playing with the machine. The dedicated dry option is designed to dry your sensitive clothes like nylon, silk and any other synthetics without tearing them or damaging them.

Did you forget to take your clothes out of the machine? Then don’t worry, you will also find an alarm attach with the device to notify you as soon as the clothes are ready, which is the main reason why you will never forget your clothes in the machine.

Specifications: Product Dimensions: H 84 x W 59.5 x D 55.5 cm/ Capacity: 7Kg/ Child lock: yes/ Energy Rating: C/ Rated input power: 2000W/ Rated Frequency: 50 Hz.

Pros & Cons

  • Alarm to notify you when the cycle completes
  • The most reliable machine in the list
  • Best for small family r a couple
  • Energy rating C class which isn’t good

6. New World 3 kg Vented Tumble Dryer

This machine is beautiful and small in size, but perform its job adequately. Inside the device, you will find the drying sensors. Due to which the machine will shut down automatically when the clothes are completely dried. The machine is lightweight and compactable, which is the reason why you can place it in any corner of the house, and it will not occupy much space.

With the three kg tumble, you can easily dry clothes of two to three people. It comes with three drying options which are Cool Dry, Heat Dry and Air Dry so that you can select according to your needs.

However, it doesn’t come with a digital instrument cluster and with 2-way rotation. But kudos for its price, which makes best fit for low-budget users.

Specifications: Product Dimensions 47.5 x 49 x 69 cm/ Standard Capacity Cycle 3 Kilograms/ Energy Efficiency C

Pros & Cons

  • Extremely affordable
  • Three drying options
  • Small and compact
  • Doesn’t comes with LED panel

7. Dryer Small Tumble Dryer

With some innovative features, this vented tumble dryer comes with a sleek style. The machine goes above expectations when it comes to performance and reliability. The dryer, though, does not have a good energy efficiency grade, which is the main downside of this product.

The machine is designed to eliminate the moisture or water from your fabric without damaging them. The sensors will automatically detect when all the moisture in the clothes is withdrawn.

This feature also helps to save electricity by cutting off the power at the exact time. The dryer, can dry almost every type of cloth, including cloth, silk, wool, linen, leather and more.

Specifications: Product dimensions: 490*430*600mm/ Energy Efficiency Grade: B/ Capacity: 4 Kg

Pros & Cons

  • Modern design
  • Auto turn off
  • Moisture sensors
  • Not much durable


Tumble dryers are one of the best electric appliances for every home. It saves time by drying your clothes within some minutes, with that you don’t need to hang the clothes outside your home and wait for hours. If you’re in a country where there is an incessant rainfall, then investing in a tumble dryer can be your best investment.

Because you can’t trust the weather changes in most countries. If you were searching for the best of these appliances, The above dryers are some of the best hand-picked dryers just for you in 2020.





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