Water is one of the important thing or it is the most important thing for humans in survival. Without it we humans cannot live more than three to four days. Basically water consists hydrogen and oxygen molecules which is the most important molecules for humans to live.

The hydrogen molecule is used to keeps our body hydrated and working. Without hydrogen our skin becomes completely dry and starts shrinking and can cause skin cancer as well. The oxygen molecule is used in our blood in veins which is used in our brain to remain conscious.

According to the World Health Organization there are almost 2 billion people which uses contaminated and feces mixed water for drinking purposes worldwide. Which means most of us are using contaminated or polluted drinking water.

A contaminated water is that, which contains pollution, harmful chemicals, extra harmful chlorine and some biological wastes. This type of water can cause several types of diseases like diarrhea, vomiting, leukemia and skin cancer. But thanks to these home water purifiers because they purify the water by eliminating all the contamination and harmful elements from the water.

They are useful and noteworthy for our health because nothing is important than your health. Therefore, we’ve created a list for some best water purifiers for your home which will efficiently purify your water just like a bottled clean drinking water.

1. LaVie Pure Innovative Tap Water Purifier


LaVie water purifier is an awesome water purifier which uses state-of-the-art technique to purify the water and gives you 99.2% clean drinking water. It performs the best when used with tap-water and it can even purify the savage water for up-to 87%. Which is quite good in survival condition.

It gives you the same clean water as a bottled purified water. It uses RO (Reverse Osmosis) and some other techniques to clean the water. In Reverse Osmosis the contaminated water is passed through a special plate called semi-permeable membrane.

Which eliminates all the major harmful elements from the water and the clean water is obtained as an output. This water purifier is best suited for used in small Asian countries where most of the water is contaminated. The gadget uses UV-A light to eliminate chlorine from water.

The chlorine is used to purify the water but if mixed too much it can cause side-effects like bad odour and skin rashes as well. This purifier is able to purify up to 200,000 litres of water easily. After you should change the purifier because after 200,000 litres its purification level will start decreasing. Overall it’s the best water purifier which meets with all your basic needs at any given time or period, always there to deliver. Specifications: Expiration after: 200,000 liters/ Purification base: Reverse Osmosis/ Capacity 1 liter/ Product Dimension: 43 x 16 x 14 cm.

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Best suited for Asian countries where the water quality is not very good
Uses UV-A technique to eliminate harmful chlorine from water
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2. Asdomo ZOKOP ZB-1 4L 220V 750W Water Purifier


Asdomo water purifier is the best purifier if you want some small and compact size. This product not just provides the 100% clean water, but it offers the tasty and sweet drinking water.

It is designed to eliminate all the contamination and provide you the best quality drinking water by keeping all the useful minerals inside the water. It comes with all the advanced purification techniques like RO, UV-A and MTDS.

The purifier can purify water up to 3000 PPM which is quite good in this price bracket. If we talk about its purification techniques, then it equipped with all the advanced purification techniques like UV-A filter which eliminates the chlorine, Sediment filter and activated carbon.

The activated carbon filter works oppositely by adding carbon is water. This carbonated works has much useful effects. Overall, it’s the best choice in small water purifiers category

Specifications: Capacity: 4 liters/ Power: 750 watts/ Voltage: 250 V.

Pros & Cons

  • Attractive design
  • Affordable and cheap price
  • Small and compact size
  • No beep/alert when there is need to change the cartridge

3. Make Water Pure | Water Purifier



Make Water Pure Purifier is one of the mostly sold purifier on Amazon. Unlike others which uses just RO membrane plate. This purifier has the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) controller so that you can measure and control the amount of dissolved solids in your water.

Even it uses UF and RO filter both at once, to filter your water and gives you clean drinking water. Unlike other filters which uses just RO filter, which eliminates the chlorine and other useful minerals as well.

That’s why MWP added both RO+UF filter to prevent this situation. The machine offers auto-turn off feature so that it will automatically turn-off itself when the water is completely purified or if it’s not in use.

This method will save the power and cartridge of your filter. Amazingly MWP is offering unbelievably 5 years of warranty. Altogether, it’s good choice but not good product if you’ve a tight budget or if you’re looking for beauty.

Specifications: Power: 750 watts/ Product Dimensions: 48 x 35.8 x 29 cm/ Material: Food grade plastic inside

Pros & Cons

  • 5 years of warranty
  • Uses both RO+UF filter to prevent elimination of required minerals
  • Auto shutdown
  • Product is quite expensive

4. KITGARN Water Purifier




KITGARN Water Purifier is the best suited for homes where the use of water is heavy. It has the fastest purification speed and provides 100% clean drinking water. The water goes through multiple types of filtration process and eliminates all the contamination from the water. It can filter contaminants like lead, acids, pesticides, Chlorine and dust.

While maintaining the beneficial minerals inside the water. The output water can be used for drinking, cooking for even for tea as well. Some users on its reviews says that the water is still contaminated and doesn’t works.

But please note that it will not work with hard water and can only be used with tap water or some other soft water sources. Overall, it provides the best quality purification and uses less time.

Specifications: Weight: 3.5kg/ Power: 750 watts/ Capacity: 4 liters

Pros & Cons

  • Removes all heavy metal
  • TDS control
  • RO control
  • Power cord makes short-circuit so please don’t use its own power cord.

5. XuanYue 16L Water Filter



XuanYue Water Filter is a huge size water filter which can cover a whole family. Since its filter is located inside the casing so you don’t need to mount hanger or nail to hang the filter. Unlike others where you need an additional bottle or tank to store the water. This product comes with its own 8 liters of water tank inside in its body.

So that you don’t need to store the water externally. It uses food grade plastic and outer body is covered by stainless steel with anti-rust coating.

The water in the filter passes through 6 types of filtration which are ome7 ceramic filter, activated carbon, quartz sand, red mineral ball, activated carbon, healing stone, white mineral ball, magnetic faucet. The product is still available on amazon and you can buy it.

Specifications: Capacity: 16L/ Product Dimensions: 37 x 34 x 34 cm/ Weight: 3.63kg.

Pros & Cons

  • Large capacity
  • 6 stage filters
  • Food grade plastic
  • Filtration process is bit slower

6. Lixada Water Filter Straw



Lixada water filter straw is specifically designed for outside. You can use it anywhere you want especially in camping, climbing or in survival condition. Its design and working is just alike a straw. You can drink water from its straw from any normal water stream, lake or river.

The purifier will suck the water and instantly clean out harmful contaminants like heavy metals, sediments, red worm and pesticides. The Lixada company has mainly focused on its compatibility so that you can easily put it on your bag and use it anywhere you want. Lixada water purifier uses 6 stages of purification process which also includes activate carbon.

Specifications: Product Dimensions: 14 * 3.7cm / 5.5 * 1.4in/ Weight: 120g/ Capacity: instant.

Pros & Cons

  • Best thing for forest camping
  • 6 stage filtration process
  • Instant purification
  • Doesn’t support RO filtration

7. NBNBN Kitchen Water Tap Filter


NBNBN Water Tap Filter seems to be the new UV + RO water filter. Air tap filter. Lakme Super has all that allows this one of the top ten water filtration throughout the UK produced by Lakme,, UK’s leading technology company.

Some water eliminates the RO membrane in most water purification devices with technology such as the TDS system, and is only washed with the ultra violet membrane, which is then combined with RO water to retain the necessary minerals in the filtered water. This ensures the RO membrane will not transfer 100% of the liquid.

Specifications: Weight: 200 g/ Model number: jianshngjahuzb/ Product Dimensions: 105 x 135 x 65mm.

Pros & Cons

  • Activated Carbon to make water carbonated
  • 7 stage filtration process
  • Washable filter
  • Its filter can’t be found easily


Water is the first thing that we need to survive. So we should drink at least 5 glass of clean water daily. Clean drinking water is healthy and useful for our body. But in most of the Asian countries contaminated water is used as drinking water.

The contaminated water can be harmful for our body, skin and can cause several types of disease. Water purifiers can be used in these places to filter out the contaminants and give you the clean drinking water which is beneficial for your body.

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