Braun brand is continuing to hit worldwide because of the powerful electronics it makes, including the food processor. Cooking is an activity enjoyed by many but few have time for it. That is why food processors are gaining popularity each day. This special appliance makes it possible to have your meal in time without using a lot of energy. It performs all kinds of food preparation.

That involves slicing, Blending, chopping, grinding, and Mixing Food. Braun food processor has a unique structure which makes it stand out more than other manufacturers. Its presence and amazing capabilities make it the best electronic to have in the kitchen.

The tasks it performs are not limited. It’s you to decide how and when to use, but your decision must be in line with the functions it carries out. You cannot run short of options when it comes to Braun food processor. All you have to do is visit their website and order what attracts you most.

Replaceable Parts Of Braun Food Processor

Like other electronics, the Braun food processor is also prone to break downs. Problems will still occur even if you give extensive care and follow all instructions.

Knowing parts of this machine will help you identify errors quickly. Not all parts are replaceable after being damaged. Some are beyond repair. Below are a few replaceable parts you should be aware of.

  • Bowl

Any food processor lacking or having a faulty bowl is useless. All the operations take place here. An immediate replacement ought to be made in case of any malfunction.

  • Lid

This prevents food from splashing during processing. It experiences high pressure thus greatly exposed to serious damage. Take instant action after its breakdown.

  • Shredding Disk

Its rotation allows food to get processed. Meaning problems that might occur in it will disrupt the whole system. Hence, any abnormality noticed should be reported immediately.

  • Braun Blade

The blade facilitates the grating and chopping of foodstuff put in there and it’s difficult to identify when faulty. Therefore, keenness is required.

When To Replace The Parts Of Braun Food Processor

A big percentage of people can’t tell when their food processor needs replacement. Ignorance has cost individuals a lot. As a responsible person, you should know how your appliance operates and notice any malfunction. Here are signs showing your food processor requires replacement.

Leaking of the bowl. This might be unnoticed especially if you are cooking a large amount of food. It is an alarming sign that should be solved instantly to avoid further damage.

  • Failure Of A Blade To Rotate

The blade must be on the move anytime the machine is being used. If that doesn’t happen, seek help from the sellers.

  • Slow Operation

Saving time is the main purpose of using the machine. Therefore, it wouldn’t make sense for it to operate slowly. Low speed implies there is a problem with the food processor that needs to be looked at.

  • Parts Running Inappropriately

It’s expected for components to run at the same time. Even so, be on the lookout to recognize improper operations. It’s easy to overlook this symptom because of the fast process of mixing. Replace if its processing seems unusual.

How To Replace Parts Of The Braun Food Processor

Replacing parts of Braun food maker is not as easy as you think. Full knowledge is needed.

1. Consider fixing it yourself if you are in a position to do so, that will save you some coins. Call for a professional electrician to perform the task for you if you are clueless about it.

2. Disable all the parts and put aside. Be careful not to lose any part for that is an extra cost. Take off the controller button and handle the screws with care for you’ll need them later.

3. Disconnect circuit system from the electric source. Make sure the plugs are removed to avoid electric shocks while fixing.

4. Overturn the processor and gently remove its base. Pay attention to how you hold it. One wrong move and your system will be completely destroyed.

5. Disconnect drive belt and motor. Softly remove the motor and replace it if it is faulty. Afterwards, return every part to its initial position.

Maintenance Of Braun Food Processor

  • Proper handling

The key to maintaining the good condition of your processor is by using it appropriately. Make sure you read the manuals provided and follow all instructions.

  • Watch Out The Things You Put Inside It

There are no restrictions on the food you cook using the processor. Even so, be mindful of what you put in it. Certain foodstuff ruins some parts of the machine.

  • Clean Frequently

This doesn’t mean you wash everything. Few are washable while others are not. Ensure you clean as recommended by experts to avoid destroying your electronics.

  • Don’t Overuse It

Getting a food processor in your kitchen shouldn’t be the end of your cooking. Balance the number of times you use it, Overworking may stop it from functioning. In other words it is also advisable to have a supplement should in case of emergency breakdown.

  • Keep In A Safe Place

An electronic like food processor needs special care. Store in a comfortable place, preferably at a corner where it will be out reach from kids.

  • Often Replacements

Yes, replacing parts of the food processor increases its lifespan. It also reduces the risks of sudden break downs.

Situations When Replacing Becomes The Perfect Option Compared To Buying A New Machine

In some situations, acquiring a new food processor is the best solution due to the damage density that has occur. There are certain conditions to check before determining whether or not to settle on replacements.

  • Level Of Damage

There is no essence of buying a whole new food processor yet it’s only a single part affected. That will be wasting money.

  • Emergency

In situations where the processor breaks down suddenly and you don’t know where to start from, replacing becomes a better option. It’ll take you a shorter time to repair than having to wait for delivery.

  • Budget

Buying a new food maker costs more than replacing it. Hence, someone with a low budget will choose to repair spoilt parts rather than buying a brand new item.

  • Availability Of Spare Parts

Some spare parts are hard to find. Sometimes you might be forced to purchase a new machine just because the parts are missing in the market. For common parts like bowl and lid, you can easily replace it due to its availability in the market.


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