Sinks are one of the appliances a kitchen cannot do without. A single problem in its structure affects all the activities, including cleaning hands, washing fruits and vegetable and most annoying is dirty dishes piling up. The good thing about delta kitchen faucet is its availability in different sizes, shapes, and designs. This allows you to purchase one that suits your kitchen’s style and space.

There are two types, including the two-handled and single-handled faucet. It’s you to choose the best one. Two-handled makes work easier but it’s the hardest to maintain. Single-handled, on the other hand, is easier to maintain. However, it limits the volume of work you do at a time. It’s up to you to decide which of the two is suitable for your kitchen.

The warranty this company offer is one of a kind. It has a Delta Faucet Lifetime warranty which covers any repair expenses as long as you are the original buyer of the item. The price of a new delta sink faucet is $390.50, though pricing depends on the size and quality. But, repairing the system is cheaper than purchasing a new one.

Features Of The Kitchen Sink Faucet

Always make sure you know the parts of an item before buying. Assuming this might lead you to buy incomplete equipment. When that happens you wouldn’t have an excuse as to why you allowed it. Here are the main parts of this product.

  • Handles-They turns the tap off and on. Any default in them distracts the pace of water flowing out.
  • Stem screws- They connect washers to faucet stem. Proper care should be given because they can easily get lost.
  • Flanges- These are positioned behind or under the sink to protect the pipes from any damage. They are firm to ensure full protection.
  • Faucet stem- Probably this is the only part people are familiar with. It is connected directly to the sink and flows water out.
  • Washers- They attach aerator to the faucet stem. They are important parts that should not be interfered with.

Circumstances That Calls For Repairing Of The Sink

It is hard to notice a faulty sink. It’s easy to assume the signs thinking it’s nothing to worry about. Ignoring these little details may cause a huge problem. And it might be too late by the time you notice. You have to be aware of the signs and take action immediately without further ado.

Leaking of the tap- Most of the time you’ll ignore a leaking tap. Lying to yourself it’s not a big thing. Yes, dripping can be solved but if it continues even after several fixing then you have to repair it. When it gets old, Delta Sinks have no specific lifespan. The period it’ll take depends on the manufacturer and how the user maintains it.

Even so, repair the sink when it gets old. This is to improve the appearance and also reduce the risks of breaking down. It gets rusty-sink can rust even if it’s still new. The only way to protect is by taking good care of it. But if it rusts at any given time, repair it instantly. Using water from rusty systems is harmful to your health.

Traffic when water is flowing out- It is normal for water to take time before flowing out. And mostly it’s because of pressure issues. This might be the case for many, What you have to do is taking note of it and repair it if it persists. when you cannot afford to buy a new one- It’s discouraging when your sink suddenly breaks down when you least expected.

Your bank account is reading nil and your guests are coming over the weekend. And you wouldn’t want them to find your sink in that state. At this point, repairing is cheaper for you while you figure out how to buy a new one.

How To Repair The Delta Kitchen Sink Faucet?

Closing the cold and hot water pipes under the sink- this is the first step before you start. Shutting the pipes will prevent water from flowing while you are repairing. Remove the button and screw holding the handle–you can use a screwdriver or any other similar tool. It should be done carefully to prevent losing the screws. You wouldn’t want to spend extra cash getting new screws.

Take off the cap- The caps are usually not so tight. So you don’t have to use a lot of effort to remove it. Remove the cartridge retaining ring-This can be done using a needle or a wrench. Either way is perfectly fine. Make sure you are doing it right otherwise you’ll mess the whole system

Get rid of the old cartridge and put a new one- You have to change it even if it’s still in a good condition. Replace cartridge retaining ring, cap, handle and button- This is the final step that has to be done correctly. The other steps would be of no use if you fail to do this part well.

What To Consider Before Repairing

There are certain things to put in order before deciding to repair the sink. This decision shouldn’t be rushed. Only do it after you are sure it’s the best solution for your sink.

  • Model Number:

Delta Sinks have different model numbers written below the sink or on the counter top. You have to check the codes before making any repairs. This is to make sure the repair parts you’ll use are appropriate.

  • The State Of The Sink:

Repairing is not always the best option. Sometimes buying a new one is the only solution. Choose what’s best depending on the level of damage.

  • Repair Parts Available:

The repair parts available will determine where the repair is done. Some parts are difficult to repair due to the lack of replacement parts.

  • The Design:

Each sink faucet has its own style. Of course, you can’t use the same tactic to repair different Sinks. The design matters a lot.

  • Affordability:

If you have a tight budget, you’ll only focus on the damaged part. That’s understandable. But it’s better to repair the whole system once in a while if circumstances allow you.


When this fault start to occur, you don’t need to wait until it get worst, just make an early move, with that, you can be able to prevent yourself from unexpected spending. Furthermore, you might not want to go through a vigorus moment of fixing, due to the fact that the leaking may re-occur again.

In other words you may have to go for a new one, that is fine. But if you have to, just go for the best, go for Delta faucet and sure you will not regret it.


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