If you are one of those who consume a smoothie every morning then you should thank Stephen Poplawski who invented a blender in 1922 by placing a spinning blade at the bottom of a glass container. After this renowned discovery this drink are being introduced in the United States for very first time. Interestingly, the invention of one thing results in the invention of another.

Primarily, the delicacy are considered as a drink, which is based on fruit, juice, and ice. Usually, the athletes and beach lovers consume this drink to keep them refreshed. However, later after about two decades, the revival of the macrobiotic diet came into existence, and you can see everyone moving towards natural and organic products.

A lot of people start to pay more attention to eating clean and healthy diet. The thing that differentiates smoothie from milkshakes is the lactose intolerance because of milk. The unique blend of fresh or frozen fruits with juice and ice is not only good in taste but also helps to control blood sugar levels and allergies.

In the late 1990s, due to the trend of exercise and dieting, the different forms of smoothie gain popularity and considered as a popular energy drink among all ages.

The Best Smoothie Ingredients

The popularity of smoothie comes with the balanced intake of fruits and vegetables, the right amount of each ingredient can turn it into the healthiest drink to enjoy. To make thick and creamy consistency of the desired yummy drink, the best famous blends consist of.


Fresh or frozen both can be the base of smoothies such as bananas, berries, strawberries, peach, mangoes, and pineapples.


Going green is the new mantra of today’s generation so adding a bunch of spinach or kale can get more antioxidants. Other veggies that can make a good match with fruits are cucumber, carrots beetroot, ginger, and pumpkin.

Natural sweeteners:

To cut the extra fructose from the diet these natural sweeteners can also be a good source of minerals and vitamins such as diets, coconut water, maple syrup, and honey.

Nuts and Herbs:

Adding nuts in the smoothie can significantly increase the day to day fibre with important nutrients. These nuts are rich in fatty acids, proteins, and other vitamins. Almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, and hemp seeds are common examples. Similarly, the herbs or spices such as cinnamon, fennel, lemongrass, basil and parsley not only enhance the taste but also have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

  • Others: Greek yogurt, vanilla extract, cheese, tofu, cocoa powder and beans can add extra flavour to your smoothie.

The Secret Of Delicious Smoothie In A Blender

When we are talking about smoothies, one cannot deny the importance of a good blender as an essential part of every kitchen. Also, the secret behind every perfect and delicious smoothie is a great blender. In today’s busy world, this kitchen appliance make life super easy and the entire preparation just takes a few seconds.

There is no science behind the making of perfect smoothie and do not require any exact measurements. Here are some simple tips to make any recipe of perfect and delicious smoothie:

  • 1 cup chunks of any fresh or frozen fruits (a handful of green veggies).
  • Half cup any liquid base such as juice or coconut water and a half cup of yogurt and ice cubes
  • A teaspoon of natural sweetener
  • Sprinkles nuts and herbs of your choice
  • Put all the ingredients together in a blender and whir it up.
  • Keep it in the refrigerator to melt all the flavors together (optional).

Making The Perfect Smoothie With A Blender

Starting the day with a glass of smoothie is the most ideal way by putting all things together in a blender and you are good to go just in two minutes. The making of a single glass of smoothie is quite simple. Here is a popular and easy smoothie recipe that one can make in a blender just in five minutes.

1. Banana-Yogurt Smoothie:

Bananas have many potential health benefits like help in lowers blood pressure and supports the heart condition. These are available in all seasons and rich in fibre, potassium and antioxidants, vitamin C.

2. Ingredients:

  • 1 medium-size ripe banana
  • Half cup yogurt
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 teaspoon flax seeds
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • Half cup ice cubes

3. Directions:

First, add diced banana and yogurt in the blender and run the blender for a few seconds to get a thick puree. Then add other ingredients and run until you get a creamy consistency. The texture can be modify by adding more yogurt (optional). Add some blueberries on top and enjoy your drink.

Best Smoothies For Kids

Are you worried about your picky kids? Not now, thanks to good quality blender reviews that make parent’s life easy. Smoothies are a great source of energy, the proper blending of fruits and veggies can retain the fibre intact in the drink. Unlike other energy drinks, the blended smoothies are quite light on the stomach and rich in protein, minerals, vitamins, and fibre.

Interestingly, the little picky eaters can easily intake the nutrients from fruits and veggies without knowing it. Here are a few famous smoothies among kids:

  • Chocolate-Cherry Smoothie
  • Peanut Butter Banana
  • Cake Batter Protein Smoothie
  • Creamy Mango & Coconut Smoothie
  • Carrot and orange smoothie

Does Smoothies Aid Weight Loss?

Smoothies are already branded as a weight loss product due to the substitution with meals and breakfast. pre-workout and post-workout smoothies are going in trend. The celebrities and nutritionists always preach the wonders it does to the body. The exact balance of fruits and veggies is an important factor for weight loss. The low-fat liquid base such as non-dairy milk or yogurt with the addition of supplements like protein powder can boost the extra nutrients.

Especially the green drink are a good source of vegetable intake and it is obvious that the leafy green veggies like spinach and kale are strong phytochemicals rich in calcium and vitamins K.

Green leafy veggies not only control the sugar levels but also lower the possibility of chronic illness. Here is the recipe of blended green smoothie which helps to boost metabolism:


  • 1 cup to fresh or frozen fruits of your choice
  • 1 cup green leafy veggies
  • ½ cup non-dairy milk


Add fruits and veggies in a blender. First, run the blender at high speed to get a thick puree then add almond milk to get the desired texture and thickness.

The Pros & Cons Of Perfect Smoothies In A Blender

Choosing the right tool to make a perfect smoothie is quite a big deal. The budget plays an important role, if you have a high budget you can go for full-sized heavy-duty blenders. The intensity and power of such appliance can wonder just in few seconds.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to spend much then there are many mini or portable blenders, though these are not flexible with some functions but definitely will do the job. However, the portable ones are in trends and you can enjoy your fresh smoothie even during your morning walk or in gyms.

Keeping in mind the health benefits of this sumptuous drink, there are some tips for making blended smoothies both natural and delicious.

Pros & Cons

  • Use green veggies because these contain low calories, the balanced ratio of fruits and veggies can be a great combination in terms of nutrients.
  • Use natural sweeteners or choose some fruits that can add natural sweetness to the smoothie-like apples and bananas.
  • Use the blender in steps, run the blender first to get a creamy texture, and then adjust the thickness with a liquid base.
  • Use the fruits and vegetables that are seasonal because the softness from fresh fruits makes the smoothie super creamy and flavorful.
  • Use artificial sweeteners
  • Forget to check on calories
  • Throw all the ingredients at one time
  • Pick unseasonal fruits


Smoothies are perfect, delicious, and healthy magic drink and can be replaced by breakfasts or regular meals. It just takes a few seconds to prepare this delicious drink in a blender, the exact measurements of the ingredients can make this drink an energy booster and have many health benefits. The frozen fruits can save much of time and give a very creamy texture, especially frozen banana is the best base.

By adding nut butter in the smoothie, one can enjoy the same taste as yum nutty ice cream. The green veggies like spinach, kale, and broccoli can enhance the vitamins and nutrients and can be used as a drink for weight loss. To increase the protein fibre content, the addition of quinoa or oatmeal can give a creamy consistency.

To avoid any leftover fruit or veggies chunks, the blending should be done in two steps. First, thick purees are prepared and then add the liquid base. The use of fruits based on water like watermelon or cucumber can prevent dehydration. Last but not the least, investing in a good blender is always a smart choice.


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