Even a thought of a golden crisp waffle covered in maple syrup, added with some fruits, piled with ice cream, and served with fried chicken can bring water in everyone’s mouth. It is one of the all-time favorite weekend breakfasts of all ages. Waffles are cooked in a special utensil or appliance which is known as waffle maker; consist of two metal plates connected with a hinge with a molded pattern of honeycomb.

Although waffles have a long history of about more than 300 years, in 1869 an American Cornelius Swartwout modifies the design of waffle iron and patent his waffle iron. The modified version of stove-top waffle iron became famous as it was easy to use and less chances of accidental discharge due to the addition of a wooden hinge.

The first waffle house was founded in 1955 and has a record of selling about 145 pieces on each minute. On each year, August 24th to be precised, has been declare a National Waffle Day celebration in the memory of Swartwout’s invention.

Furthermore, an electric waffle iron was first made in 1984 and after that, it becomes an important appliance in most kitchen for the preparation of delicious and well-shaped delicacy without any mess.

Types Of Waffle Makers

There is a wide range of waffle makers out there. Each one of these has been used for making different breakfast delicacies and other desserts. Here are some popular types of waffle makers that can ease the process of your choice.

1. Belgian Waffle Maker

These are one of the most famous types of waffle maker; the thickness of the waffles is relatively more than the regular standard waffle. Usually, the waffles are crispy from outside and fluffy from inside.

This type of waffle maker is famous as the Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker, the main characteristic is to flip 180 degrees instead of flipping horizontally. It saves a lot of space on the kitchen counter and only takes 4-5minutes to prepare delicious waffles.

2. Standard Round Waffle Maker

These are the classic waffle makers used to make American waffles. These are round shaped non-flipping available in many varieties. The waffles are thinner than Belgian waffle maker.

These are sometimes referred to as an American waffle. They have a distinctly round shape commonly found with cast iron waffle maker varieties. Many people prefer the round shape of non-Belgian product types, as they resemble the ready-made varieties found in stores and are usually thinner as well.

3. Square Shaped Waffle Maker

The square-shaped waffles are also quite popular among waffle lovers. These types of makers can prepare four waffles of the same size in just one go. The waffles are soft, fluffy, and delicious.

4. Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

The heart-shaped waffles are very famous among kids, and also gain popularity for the breakfast on Valentine’s Day. These types of waffle maker are easy to use and also can be clean quickly.

4. Flip Waffle Maker

This kitchen appliance are used to avoid the uneven thickness of waffles. It can spread the batter evenly by flipping around. The flipping also helps to ensure any uncooked batter during the baking process.

5. Ceramic Waffle Maker

These are quite attractive due to the Teflon coating which makes them free from any harmful chemicals. These are easy to use and clean and also taste better other than a metal-based waffle maker. However, you can as well check out the various types of waffle maker on the link below!

Steps In Preparing Your Perfect Waffle Batter

If you already purchased a waffle maker, all you now need, should be a complete guide on how to use it for preparing crisp and fluffy homemade waffles. The first step in the making of good waffles is to prepare a smooth and perfect waffle batter.

The ready-made waffle mix is available in the market to further ease the whole process of waffles, but make sure to read all the instructions regarding the recipe of waffle mix. These ready-made waffle mixes are a great way to save time but may contain some unnatural preservatives to have some diverse effect from a health point of view.

If you want to prepare any chemical-free homemade your waffle batter, here is an easy and quick recipe to prepare waffles to the batter mix.

Homemade Waffle Batter Mix Recipe:


  • 1 Cup all-purpose flour
  • 1 Egg, 3/4 cup milk
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon sugar
  • 2 Teaspoons baking powder
  • Salt as per taste
  • 2 Tablespoon oil
  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract


First combine all the dry ingredients such as flour, salt, sugar, and baking powder in a bowl then add wet ingredients, starting from milk and then gradually added oil, eggs, and vanilla extract and whisk it until gets a smooth consistency. Let just sit the batter for some time to get the best result product.

Preheat Waffle Maker

Once the batter is ready, next is to go into the waffle maker. You can plug in and turn on the switch to adjust the temperature of the waffle maker. The few appliances have an automatic turn on the system when plugging indirectly and others have switched to turn on/off.

There is always an indicator light on the plastic body of the appliance which confirms the heating of the waffle iron. There is a temperature adjustment knob to assist these appliance to get the desired temperature for the required recipe.

It is usually advisable to bake the waffles at relatively low temperatures for a longer time to get crispy from outside and a fluffy waffle inside.

Always keep yours at the dry and flat surface, the uneven surface can lead to waffles with uncooked batter at some places. Also, make sure a drip tray should be present to collect any leaking batter.

Greasing The Grids Of Waffle Maker:

If your waffle iron is not non-sticky, it is always better to spray or brush some oil on the surface to prevent any ticking of better on the surface. Melted butter is also added to get the desired results with a nice aroma of butter in the result.

However, there are many types of non-sticky waffle makers are available and do not require putting anything to make them grease.

Make sure the pan is preheated properly; there is an indicator light which indicates that the machine is ready to bake the waffles. The lid should be closed during the pre-heating process to avoid any burning accidents.

Pouring Waffle Batter Mix:

Once the indicator light is on, it means the machine is ready to bake the waffles. Now pouring the waffle batter is also needs a little practice to get the pro results.

Pour the batter slowly on the pan and make sure the batter is evenly distributed on all over the surface, for the quick result you can use flip waffle makers which can even out all the batter by flipping on 180 degrees. After pouring the batter, the lid should be closed.

Make sure to read the instruction of how much quantity of batter your machine can handle. The less or over pouring cannot be ended in crispy and fluffy waffles. Keeps an eye on the steam coming from the machine; it is good that the waffles are raising perfectly in there.

Baking Of Waffles:

Some waffle makers have automatic indication and the light turns off when the waffles are ready. If you have a manual machine, the best way is to set the timer. One way to check that the waffles are fully cooked is to get a sneak peek through the side of the machine to check if the waffles are rise

well or need extra time to cook. In case after the indicator light is gone and you feel that your waffles are still raw and pale looking after open the lid, you can simply bake it for more time until get the perfect texture and color. In the end, the waffles can take off and plate up with the help of tongs or any plastic spoon.


There is no doubt that the waffles are the most loved breakfast and popular among all ages, the waffles can be made sweet to savory according to your taste. Homemade types are easy to make and a variety of recipes can be used to make them more delicious and healthier.

The wide range of choices for making this delicacy, not only you enjoy the toppings and maple syrup on waffles but also there is an option to make your gluten-free and vegan waffles just in five minutes. The presence of a waffle maker on your kitchen shelf can give a modern look to your kitchen decor.

Keeping your own appliance can give you the freedom to experiment with your cooking skills, it just not only saves them money but also one can enjoy a healthy, quick and delicious breakfast. One should avoid opening the lid multiple times as it reduces the temperature and can affect the waffle quality.

Try to clean the appliance right after the baking to remove any batter stuck inside the pattern. It is hard to remove the dry batter and it can leave some scratches on the metal pans.

A damp cloth should be used to clean the interior of the gadget and do not put the machine in the dishwasher. Well, some of these appliance are dishwasher friendly because their metal pans can be removed and wash separately.




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