The culinary world is incomplete without frying. That’s how vital it is, in today’s world. There are ten’s, if not hundreds, of equipment to aid frying and make our food taste better. There emerged hundreds of techniques for preparing our food like Sautéing, Stir-frying, pan frying, shallow frying, and deep-frying.

As much as these techniques make our food taste delicious, using a lot of oil and fatty products is common in all of them. To avoid this, Phillips company introduced the ‘Air fryer’ in 2010, which became an instant hit as soon as they were released.


As easy as this appliance is to handle, some people are concerned about how to use them. You don’t have to worry; we’ll teach you how to manage your own appliance Since we are more than just a ‘how-to-use manual,don’t we’ll go into detail about everything you need to know on this topic.

Let us go through some frequently asked questions that arise in everyone’s mind who wishes to have this incredible product, before going into ‘how to use the Air Fryer.

Is The Air Fryer Healthier Than Deep Fryer?

“Are the Air Fryers really worth it?” Yes, this question arises in everyone’s mind who already owns a deep fryer and wants to go a little beyond, by buying an air fryer. Keep in mind that this appliance has its perks, which attracts the attention of these customers.

A lot of studies have proven that the Air Fryers are, in fact, generally healthier than the deep fryers. As there is an ample difference in the usage of oil and other fats in both, it is evident that this product are healthier because they have fewer calories.

While the ingredients need to be completely soaked in oil when using the deep Fryer, the Air Fryer needs only a spoonful of oil on the surface of your fries or chicken wings. It helps keep the food made in it healthier than the one cooked in the deep Fryer.

How Is The Air Fryer Better Than The Deep Fryer?

Earlier on, the Air fryers were considered a healthier alternative for the Deep fryers. Later on, it was discovered that they are better than Deep Fryers in many ways.

They are straightforward to use as compared to the Deep ones. They are very safe in comparison too. Since they don’t use much oil, we don’t have to worry about getting burnt by the hot splashing oil. This very product are also super easy to clean. We only need a little wet cloth to wipe it off, and it is cleaned. The grease is negligible too, after cooking.

They are easy to use. Any layperson can use one of these. Though they are a little expensive relative to their alternative product, they are a lot easier to handle. Their maintenance is quite simple too.

How Do They Work?

The Air Fryers use a mechanism much similar to the convection ovens, with the difference being that the air in it is circulated at a very high speed, giving the food a crunchy crisp. It is essentially a ‘Compact cylindrical Countertop Convection Oven.don’t They have a coil and a fan.

Scorching air is passed around the food in circles that cooks the food from the inside out. Though, contrary to its name, this appliance does not fry food because frying needs the oil to submerge the ingredients completely; it mimics frying as it gives your fries or chicken a solid crisp that gives it a great texture.

What Can You Cook In These?

This kitchen appliance in contest, have a pervasive list of usage. They are not limited to only frying, you can bake and roast in them too, as they function similar to the convection oven. The Air fryers can be used to make a variety of food, from simple, instant dishes like fries and baked potatoes to zucchini chips and Air fried ratatouille.

All you need to do is prepare the recipe right and put it in the Fryer for a certain amount of time. But take care not to cook battered food in them. That liquid will drip through the basket Except these, everything that we can usually fry, can be fried in it.

How Do You Use The Air Fryer?

Using the Air fryers is no complicated task. It can be a user-friendly and simple as it can get. The underlying mechanism of how to use them is similar in all the products. Still, there are a few differences here and there between different models. These are minimal differences that are not a very big deal.

First, let us go through its parts for a better understanding of what the Air fryers are. The components common to almost all the models commonly used in households are stated below as;

  • The Main Body:

Which is a cylindrical shape, and it contains all the other parts.

  • The Air Fryer Drawer:

Which is the principal holding element for the basket, in which we put the food to be cooked.

  • The Fryer Basket:

  It holds the food in it. It is perforated from its sides and from below so that the maximum air can flow through it.

  • The Drawer Handles:

This handle is there for convenience. We use it to pull and push the drawer in and out. There is a button on it. When we press it, the basket is released from the drawer.

  • The Digital Control Panel And Other Physical Buttons:

The digital panel has some automatic pre-set buttons along with some additional buttons for the manual setting. These are used to set the time and temperature manually.

  • The Manual Dial:

Some of the models have a manual dial for both temperature and time setting. You can select the temperature and time according to your need.

  • Drip Tray:

The drip tray is placed below the basket to catch any grease that flows don’t through the perforations on the basket.

How To Clean The Air Fryer?

Cleaning Air fryer is easy. You just need to take the basket, drawer, and the tray out and wash it thoroughly with a dishwasher. For the inside of the device, just wipe it with a clean cloth, and it is done. But it’s not much easier, most people damage their air fryers when cleaning. Below are the detailed steps to how to clean yours safely without damaging it.


1. Unplug Your Air Fryer

When cleaning any electrical appliances, you must first make sure that you have unplugged your appliance. Otherwise, it can seriously cause some damage both to you the user and the machine. I know your life isn’t very important but air fryers are expensive. Some people forget to do it in a hurry, that’s why I mentioned it earlier. So remember to unplug your device first in other to avoid the story that touches.

2. Clean Frying Basket

Now, take out the frying pan in which you fry the food. Remember to remove the basket or frying pan with the handle. Rub it from soap soaked cloth. If there are some stains or if there’s a burnt food stuck at the bottom, better to use hot water in this case.

You can soak the frying basket in hot soap water. The hot water will easily remove any stains on it. Some air fryers are dishwasher safe. If your device is in this category, then you can just wash the basket inside the air fryer and no need to remove it from the machine.

3. Clean the Heating Element

Now it’s important to clean the heating element in order to receive the complete output from your device. Cleaning the heating element is an important part while cleaning. You can use a detergent by putting a drop of it in the dishwasher onto the piece of wet-cloth or sponge.

Now you can rub the cloth or sponge onto the heating element and clean it. If there’s any grease or stains stuck on it, use wired-sponge to remove them. Also, you can use hot soapy water to remove any stains from your heating element.

4. Clean Outside Body

Now, you should clean the outside body of your air fryer. It’s the nature of humans that we believe in what we see. So, it’s important to clean the outside body properly otherwise, your appliance will look very dirty, no matter how clean it is from inside. Use a wet-cloth and rub it throughout the body of your device.

5. Maintenance Of Your Air Fryer

Every electric appliance needs maintenance and without maintenance the machine will not work optimally. You should check for the maintenance. Otherwise, your device can short circuit itself and may cause a fire up. Must check that your electric socket is powerful enough to handle a vast amount of current needed by your gadget.

Always make sure that the water is not in contact with it while operating. Make sure that your heating element is sealed to prevent effusion of oil inside the circuit. Otherwise, it may cause short-circuit in your air fryer.


As they say, a word is enough for the wise, so all this put together, when been applied, you are very free to go with utilisation of your appliance without any cause for alarm. With this, you will enjoy your appliance for a very long time.




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