Ice cream is one of the sweetest things to put into your mouth. It is always the preferred cold drink during hot seasons. Have you ever craved for ice cream of your favorite flavor and rushed to your usual spot only to find nobody there? That is the worst feeling you can experience, in case you have never.

If you are addicted to ice cream, you must have wished to have your own ice cream maker someday. You are not crazy, most have felt that way too. An ice cream machine maker is found in two forms, electric and manual. It’s upon you to decide which one to go for.

Electric works faster but needs the expertise to operate. On the hand, manual requires less knowledge and it’s easier to use. This kind of machine is not as expensive as you think. Some costs as low as $20 upwards, depending on your budget.

There are different types of ice cream machines. It is you to choose what you are in love with. Take note, however, the price greatly depends on the brand and features it possesses.

How Does This Domestic Ice Cream Maker Work?   

It’s always important to know how a machine works before purchasing it. As much as this is a simple machine to use, some skills are needed to operate it. Knowing all its parts and how they work will help you.

  • Freezer Bowl:

This is the pillar of the machine. It’s impossible to get chilled ice cream without the bowl. It can be removable or permanent depending on its make. The main function is freezing your mixture to make your ice cream cold. Paddle. It’s designed to mix ingredients poured into the bowl. It comes with a plastic or metallic cover.

  • Controls:

Each machine has its unique controller but simple ones might lack them. Complex domestic ice cream maker has buttons for controlling time and speed.

  • Churning Blade:

It gets rid of unpleasant crystals by crushing the ingredients until a smooth cream is formed. The thickness of your ice cream will be determined by how much you churn it. Lids. An important part that ice-cream machines cannot do without. It prevents your mixture from splitting out. The transparent lid is preferable because it allows you to monitor the whole process.

How Long Does The Home Ice Cream Maker Last?

The durability of any machine relies on how the user operates. There isn’t a specific duration of how the item should last. Rather it’s the way you’ll handle it. The most effective secret of making your machine last longer is by operating it appropriately. Follow the guidelines on the manual. Feel free to call the manufacturers for deeper clarification.


The number of times you use your equipment affects the period it’ll survive. However, don’t be misled by that. Some have been used for years and are still functional. Extra care makes a difference, it increases the life span of your machine. Keeping in a safe place is a wise move.

Kids like trying new things hence storing it far from them protect your product. Never allow your child to make ice cream by himself regardless of how tired and lazy you are at the moment.Another thing is avoiding mixing hard ingredients. Some parts of the machine are delicate thus any form of force leads to its breakdown.

Try using smooth ingredients like fruits which are easily crashed. I am sure you want to use your machine for a long period. Probably you pray for your grandchildren to have it. The only way to make your dream a reality is by using it correctly.

Precautions To Take When Operating An Ice Cream Machine At Home

Being cautious lessens the risks of accidents occurring. Electric ice cream machines can pose danger to your home if you are not careful. Check the plugs from time to time and replace any burnt sockets. Ignoring this may cause huge blow-ups in your home causing serious damage.

Switch off the machine immediately you notice unusual performance and then reach out to the manufacturer. Reading manuals provided by manufacturers can be tiring. However, you have to frequently refer to it if safety is your first priority. Avoid overloading your maker. It’s tempting to put more ingredients exceeding the limit to get everything done all at once. Doing so is inappropriate, make small portions at a time.

Make sure to turn off the ice cream maker when not in use. This prevents unnecessary issues. Only wash washable parts. At this point, your cleaning skills are not applicable. You have no choice but to follow the retailer’s direction on how to clean the item.

How To Deal With Sudden Break Down

It is not guaranteed your item’s durability will match the manufacturer’s date. It can stop working anytime regardless of all the precautions you took. As a smart buyer, find out what you can do in case of sudden break downs. Being ready for the worse will not prevent the problem from arising but will definitely help you deal with it in a better way.

The first step to take when a problem occurs while using the maker is switching off the socket then unplug it. Afterward, call the maker and explain the incident. Not all break downs are alarming, some happen as a result of minor mistakes. Either way, it’s always good to contact the manufacturers.

Never try to fix the machine if you have no idea of how it works. Otherwise, you might end up worsening the situation. You are not an engineer, so don’t try what you are clueless about. Don’t get too overwhelmed in case the system blows up. Try to be calm and seek help.

Things To Look For When Purchasing An Ice Cream Maker

Certain things must be looked at before purchasing an ice cream machine. Style and brand shouldn’t be your main concern. Other important factors shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Price: There are lots of choices available. Go with what is affordable.
  • Quality: Purchasing an expensive ice cream maker of good quality is worth it. Rather than getting something cheap but valueless.
  • Volume. Buy a machine that will make enough ice cream for everyone. It’ll be insensible to purchase a small maker if your family is big.
  • Speed: Some machines take long hours to make ice cream. It is you to decide whether you want a fast machine or you can tolerate a slower one.
  • Friendliness: The technology used varies from one another. Choose what you can use without struggling.


  1. I have purchased the old fashion wood bucket and used the ice and rock salt in the past.  I recently purchased one of these new electric ones.  Although it was effortless I still found it a task to find the right combination of products to use.   Also when I stored my cream in a plastic  bucket, the freezer burn , created a hole ruined it.    

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