Nutribullet is widely recognized worldwide as the best blender. They are sold in almost all stores, whether small or big shops.All the 4 models of this kitchen device are somehow similar. The only difference is the variation in size and some of th features.

Consider speed, price, and quality before purchasing a blender. All these three factors must be in check before anything else.The prices of this equipment vary. You can never lack what suites your taste and budget, there is something for everyone.

Among all nutribullet 1200 blenders is the best, in terms of functionality, appearance, and efficiency. It has continuously been ranked highest in the market.

Outstanding Features Of Nutribullet 1200

Nutribullet 1200 performs various tasks that might not be possible with other blenders. It can make a smoothie, salads, pasta sauces, and nutritional soups. You have the freedom to decide on what to make with it.

Although it’s a basic appliance, it doesn’t age easily. You can use it for years because it’s made of durable materials.

What’s more impressive is their delivery services. Your item will be delivered in less than 2 days from the day you made your order. Its makers allow return backs in case there is malfunctioning.

The components are awesomely unique. However, the cups are chunky making it uncomfortable to use, but this is a small limitation that can be overlooked.

It has flip-top lids for smooth operations. These lids can be easily removed and washed without any struggles.

The blade is amazingly powerful. Its nice input crushes ingredients smoothly and faster. You don’t have to constantly touch the buttons, it automatically rotates and stops itself after achieving its task.

Why Is Nutribullet 1200 Chosen Over Other Models?

Certain comparisons between nutribullet 1200 and other models have been made. In the end, the conclusion is the same, nutribullet 1200 emerges the best among all.

This special item can be used to make countless desserts. Unlike other brands, it can crush some pieces of ice cubes. This favors people who are in love with cold drinks.

It’s very fast hence you’ll satisfy your smoothie cravings almost immediately. It quickly mixes your ingredients and gives your drink the thick texture you like.

It has an automatic finishing function hence you don’t have to pin your eyesight on the blender till your drink gets ready. At least here you can be sure your drinks won’t spill out because of over blending.

Most blenders leak at the power base. This is not the case with Nutribullet 1200. The components are well input and leakage cases are rare unless there is mishandlement.

To make it more unique, it comes with a recipe book. So if you are out of ideas, you can go through the suggested choices and try making what impresses you.

How Do You Take Good Care Of Nutribullet 1200?

Like other electronics, this special appliance requires total care when handling. The way you use it will determine how long it’ll last.

The power base is the most crucial part. Do any single mistake with it and you lose your precious item. Ensure you replace it immediately it gets faulty. Don’t assume any abnormal functionality. Before plugging to the socket, make sure it’s dry to avoid any blowout.

Blades are also important when dealing with blenders. They can get rusty if not given proper handling. It’s advisable to replace them every six months. If that’s impossible for you, consider wiping the blades once in a while but not with a wet cloth. Although the blades aren’t that sharp, be careful when cleaning it. They can still hurt your fingers.

Avoid disconnecting the parts unnecessarily. Especially if you are not familiar with the repair. If you notice any malfunctioning, contact the manufactures or a professional individual. Don’t try fixing it even if you think you can do it. These components are delicate hence need proper attention.

Not all parts can be washed in the dishwasher. For this reason, use your hands to wash elements that aren’t washable in the machine. For example’ power base, you have to wipe yourself otherwise it’ll get ruined if you do it another way.

Ensure it is stored in a safe place. Preferably at the corner of your countertop or on top of a stable table. Doing so will prevent small accidents from taking place.


How Should I Use My Nutribullet 1200?

Before using this item, ensure you know all the parts and how they work. Accuracy is needed while operating it. First, know the difference between milling blade and extractor blade. The milling blade is strictly for crushing seeds and nuts into powder. On the other hand, the extractor is for blending fruits and vegetables into juice.

Always remember to put your appliance on a stable surface before using it. After that, plug in the power base and add your ingredients in the cups. Ensure you put them to the right blade, according to the nature of your ingredients.

Do not fill past the maximum line. It should be slightly below the mark to prevent the splashing of the mixture. Ensure the fruits and vegetables are in small pieces for easy blending.

Add liquid if you are making a drink. It can be milk, water, or juice. The thickness depends on the amount of drink you’ll add.

Push the cup down to the power base and shake the mixture till to your satisfaction texture. You can save extra drink in the re-sealable lids and store in the fridge.

Limitations Of Nutribullet 1200

Nutribullet 1200 also has its downsides. However, it’s efficiency outweighs all its limitations. It’s disadvantages are:

Expensive. This kind of blender is costly compared to others. Even so, it’s the high price is worthy.

Heavy. It might not be a good choice for someone who likes lightweight items. The extra features make it bulky.

Noisy. Although blenders normally produce sound while functioning, the one given out by this is extremely irritating.

Uncomfortable cups. Its cups are too strong and bring discomfort when using them.

All in all, these shortcomings are bearable. They shouldn’t stop you from having an awesome taste of drinks made from this special blender!

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  1. I’m currently trying a diet regime with lots of fruits and vegetable in mind. I think the nutribullet 1200 – catchy name by the way – can help me prepare fresh, healthy and yet delicious drinks and foods. From you article, I can see how practical it is to use the nutribullet and thanks for spelling out its limitation. Great review, highly appreciate it!

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