Almost every outdoor kitchen start with a gas square. The grill  is typically the vocal point,  to start with decision making, even the basis of your  kitchen can include the functionality of your equipment and also to avoid going inside the home frequently, side burner are created for preparing sauce.

In other words a sink forensic items is quite common as well, lots of people do use single access doors underneath, sinks and side burner for easy access  to your grill and also, water plumbing, another popular component will be the trash bin conveniently place nearby to dispose  garbage and food waste another thing to be included, is the refrigerator to keep things cold for family and friends.

However, is always a pleasure talking about it, in our present day to day activities things that always comes to mind is relaxation and pleasure and also going out actually was a great fun, either for a get together at the back garden or going out for camping in the process everyone want to enjoy the fun of it whereby indulging in activities like cooking and grilling.

Designing Outdoor Kitchen 

When designing an outdoor kitchen plan, one thing to consider is to ensure that your finish product matches your expectation so as we go along i will let you know on how to create it functional for you to enjoy for a long time.

A great place to start with is to determine the plan and how much space you have to work with, like in a predetermine area which i think will almost give you greater flexibility in the overall footprint of your new kitchen!

Also make sure that your kitchen is proportional to the space available for you to work with, is also a good idea to check out the area to get a visual image of whether the size will be a good match for the space and allow for easy access and proper functionality.

Important Decision To Make

One of the most important decision you may need to make choosing the right grill for you whether the traditional grill or the charcoal grill, there are plenty options available. First you would want to identify where utility like water, gas and electricity are located on the property to determine how accessible they are to the propose kitchen area.

Adequate of space is really important to our outdoor living environment, without adequate space to prepare our meal wouldn’t be suitable. In addition, you may want to have a bar top design  when there are adequate space for storage and optional accessories, having a place to store BBQ tools, cleaning supplies, etc.

Guidelines On How To Preserve It

Prepare your grill It is necessary to maintain your outdoor grill at the end of each year/summer even when you have the plans of making use of the appliance during winter, it need a thorough cleaning so when summer comes around, it will be up and ready for use  below are the steps to take.

1. Clean with metal grill bush and also thoroughly clean the areas that are necessary

2. Always disconnect the gas line when not in use

3.  Use stainless steel polish to avoid rust

4. Keep the grill running for about ten minutes to help burn off the excessive food debris which makes outside grill much easier to clean

5.  For the stubborn areas, you can apply paste by using baking soda and vinegar to form a thick paste and spread on the rust spots with warm water and finally you rinse with warm water!

Other important area’s that i would like you to put into consideration when building and outdoor kitchen and this also are most vital for your appliance right in the kitchen. They are!


If there is any water left in the pipe and also the plumbing system, it can cause damages if not properly managed, and also the water left in the pipe can freeze as well which can lead to pipe rupture and from there lead to unecesary on repairs that was’t plan for.


If by any means your flames suddenly burning all yellow instead of blue and yellow, all you need to do is to disconnect your gas tank and check the valve for proper pressure.

 Cover or Seal If Need Be:

You should always cover your outdoor kitchen when not in use for instance if you live in a climatic area you will really want to protect it so I suggest…overhang works well for it. In other words you wouldn’t want the rain to destroy what you have spend your resources on, so protective measure is highly recommended.

What Make An Outdoor Kitchen Great

When it come to making your kitchen look great, there are a whole lot of things that need to come into consideration in other to make it look attractive to you and anyone that come visiting.

1 Space:

Appliance are no doubt important, but if the kitchen is small to begin with, then putting in standard sized appliance may overwhelmed the space.

2.  Beauty: 

A nice kitchen is one you will actually want to be in, but if is too ugly you wouldn’t want to spend much time init.

3. Authenticity:

Moreover gone are the days when we need cheap appliances for a quality kitchen, if you really want to enjoy your kitchen the appliance should come in a good quality and with a durability.

4. Classic Design:

Using classic pattern for kitchen, will always keep the kitchen fresh and standing the test of time.


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