Everyone wants the best look for their compound. No one likes to be gossiped because of how bad his/her yard looks. It’s shameful and for that reason, you might never swear to invite your friends over for a party. The gallon beer cooler is the coolest item you can think of buying. It gives your yard a perfect look. You wouldn’t have a hard time convincing people to attend your parties.

They’ll willingly accept your invitation knowing it’s worth attending. No one would want to miss the nice experience they had with your gallon the last time they came over. The gallon beer cooler can have two roles. It only depends on what you want. You can either use it as a drink cooler or an ordinary patio table. But using for the two purposes at the same time is difficult.

You need to understand how it works before buying it. This is a special table that requires care while handling it. Get to know all its parts and the role-played by each. So how do you use it as a cooler? For you to put the drinks at the bottom, lift the top, twist the locking ring and it’s done. The number of bottles you store is determined by the space available.

Some ice is needed to keep the drinks cold. It would be useless to store the beverages in the cooler if there is no enough ice. The main purpose of having the cooler is to have cool drinks during summer. Therefore, failing to have ice will is unrealistic.

Ideas For Designing The Gallon Beer Cooler

People have different preferences when it comes to designing. Some like simple styles while others are into fancy lifestyle. Well, no one has the right to judge your taste. But even so, it’s always good to make your things fabulous. How you design your cooler is your decision. The good thing about gallon cooler is you can adjust to make it more attractive.

For example, you can paint the colour of your outdoor furniture. This will add more beauty to it. Sometimes having too many colours in your yard takes away the beauty. Have a sensible mixing of the pattern. Overdoing will make everything look wrong. What of the top? Most lids are plain.

But if you hate plain things, you can add some drawings to add taste. You can also have a table cloth for covering the cooler. Doing so will reduce the heat exposure on your drinks, thus the ice won’t melt. If you are in love with bar decor, you can copy the arrangement. Look for bar height chairs and make it have the same look like a drinking place.

Extend the top to fit the trend. However, this option is limited to homes with big space. Don’t make it so obvious that’s a drinking area. Creating attention might cause drunkards to be your daily guests. When that happens, you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.

Know When, Where And How It Should Be Used

Most buyers get disappointed at how things turn out to be. Like I mentioned earlier, you have to know what you are doing with it. One wrong move and you destroy everything. Some have opted to keep their outdoor gallon beer coolers inside their home. That’s a poor decision. As much as it prevents your drink from melting, it takes away its beauty. Keeping it inside the house hides its purpose. The name itself suggests where it should be stored.

Whatever place you put depends on you. We don’t care whether it’s the front yard, backyard, balcony or bedroom. But the perfect place is in the yard. The juicy part of having outdoor parties is when drinks are retrieved from the beer cooler. Getting drinks from the fridge and pantries is getting old. Try something unique!

As for keeping beverages chilled for hours, have lots of ice in the cooler. This will freeze your drinks for a longer time. The bottom is deep enough to store bottles and cans. Think about your kids by putting some sodas and juice. At least they won’t feel forgotten. That would allow them to benefit from the item.

The Lifespan Of The Gallon Beer Cooler

The durability of equipment varies from one person to another. Many things are involved in it. How often you use it, where you bought it and so many other factors affect it. Although the manufacturers claim all their products are weather-resistant, don’t be too relaxed. Treat it like any other furniture. When it rains, move it from outside. It can rust if not well taken care of.

Cover the table when it’s too hot. This is to prevent it from fading. It will also reduce the heat penetration. Avoid black covers as it absorbs heat. It is also important to have a genuine warranty. Make sure the item’s developers stand to their word. Be on the lookout because some manufacturers don’t keep their promises.

The secret behind using your gallon for a long time is maintaining it properly. Clean regularly and avoid overloading it. Handle it with care when twisting the parts. Drain the drainage plug from time to time. Leaving the ice remains might mess some parts. Remember regular cleanups are the key to having a long-lasting cooler.

What Else You Need To Know Now?

Just knowing how the item works is not all. Make an extra effort to get more knowledge about it. Get people’s opinions about the item before purchasing it. Only ask trusted persons. Otherwise, you may get the wrong facts. Everything has shortcomings. Therefore, don’t expect gallon beer coolers to be perfect.

Most clients have complained about their products. Some have even decided never to buy their things from Keter. But those complaints shouldn’t stop you from getting your order. There is still positive feedback from other users. Buy your cooler and treat it right instead of allowing people’s downfall to affect you.

The product is available on Amazon. You can order anytime you are ready. Make the right choice to avoid future regrets. You can make your own cooler if you can’t afford to buy from sales. It will take time but you’ll have what you want in the long run!

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