Everyone wishes for a quick way of making breakfast just to get more minutes to get more of that sweet sleep. It’s not new for people to go to work without eating something. The reason is always the same- they woke up late, and time couldn’t allow them to cook. An electric grill is the best breakfast-making machine. Its must-have equipment for anyone interested in consuming the shortest time to prepare morning meals.

These flat appliances consume less of your stove top and can be plugged into any wall socket in your kitchen. Most conveniently, they cook varieties of food fast and in an even manner. It’s rare to come out with uncooked or burnt food. This kitchen appliance are available at different prices, values, and models. Although the preferences determine the right choice for the user, other factors matter too.

It’s essential to look at the performance, quality, and convenience. The best electric griddles are listed below. Make sure you pick the perfect one that will spur your morning cooking. They include:


1. Hamilton Beach 3-in-1 Griddle

It meets and even goes beyond the expectations for an electric girdle. The Hamilton beach has unique characteristics, which makes it appear at the top of this list.

It’s accompanied by two reversible nonstick plates, which are easy to connect. Flat griddles are positioned on one side and ridged grills on the other. The surface is 180 square inches make it large enough to cook four pancakes, 3 pieces of bacon, and 2 eggs without any limitation. Cleanup is a walk in the park since the plates are

removable, and you don’t have to put the whole unit in the sink. The plate and grease tray together with the grill is dishwasher safe. This excuses your laziness and saves you energy.

Each side of the item has its own heating button. This allows you to control each plate’s temperature, especially when cooking varieties at the same time. The outstanding quality is it produces evenly browned food with a unique taste. This item is not worth missing in the kitchen!

2. Black And Decker Family-Sized Griddle


It’s less detailed, lacks whistles and bells. It suites the best someone interested in flat top items. This family-size tool offers 200 inches of space. No wonder its suitable for a large-number household. The temperature is adjustable by the help of a special button and lock thermostat.

Although it’s impossible to wash the parts separately, the complete unit can be dumped in water. Cleaning it won’t cause trouble since it’s light in weight and water safe. It requires little greasing on the ultra-slick and has a nonstick coating. Moreover, it cools down quickly after its unplugged.

The hitch is the plug is too short.  An extension cable is needed for comfortable positioning of the item. Otherwise, the place you’ll cook is limited. The flat structure makes it occupy less space in your kitchen. You can place it anywhere and only retrieve it when necessary.

3. Presto Tilt And Drain Big Griddle

Indeed, griddles are great for cooking with less fat because of their nonstick surface. Even so, presto tilt expands more on that quality. It’ll help you save on the amount of oil you’ll use on your foods. It’s square shape, and incredible capacity allow the grill to heat more stuff than the standard rectangle. It has a measurement of about 23 by 17.25 inches.

The front and side view remain cool even after the heating. The whole grill, apart from the removable heat controller, can be ditched in water for washing. The downside of this item is its large size. It occupies a lot of space on the countertop space. The handles are stout and energy-consuming to fix. Moving it around is tiresome, especially during cleaning time.

Despite its disadvantage, its something to consider buying. The final food it gives out is sweet and appealing to the eye.

4. Presto 22-Inch Electric Kitchen Griddle


Presto can never let you down when it comes to kitchen griddle. Unlike presto tilt, this presto 22-inch is light hence easy to move around. You can comfortably place it on the countertop without damaging the surface.

It can accommodate pancakes, eggs, and portions of bacon all at once without any problem. The touch handles are nicely put and can be easily unclipped without needing tools. It can be stored in the cabinet, so storage won’t be an issue. Its design is pretty and preferable regardless of your choice of style.

What makes it lie slightly lower in the rankings is its inconsistency in heating. It’s discovered that the food it cooks comes out soggy instead of crispy like other griddles. It provides stick-free cooking and easy cleaning. The tray is slide-out type hence quick to remove and wash when dirty.

The automatic heat control, coupled with the durable and sturdy housing of the presto grill makes this griddle a valuable purchase and a serious contender for the best electric griddle in this price change.

5. Zojirushi EA-DCC10 Gourmet Sizzler


This is entirely made for you if crunchy food is your thing. It offers full consistency in its cooking. Its temperature ranges from 175 degrees to 425. The sizing of the surface is 237.5 square inches.

The edges are raised, and this feature helps in flipping off food and lower down the risks of food getting burnt. So far, it’s the only grill that has a lid. Meaning that you can also steam your things, unlike other choices that deny you that privilege.

Extraordinarily, it’s the only type that doesn’t contain a fat collector in its model. So extra grease cannot get released. This may disadvantage your cooking, but it’s not bad enough to prevent you from owning it.

It’s totally water safe, all the parts can be immersed in water without getting damaged afterward. It’s cumbersome and well detailed, making it difficult to store. Washing in the sink will also be a problem.

The durable and easy-to-clean ceramic cooking surface with titanium coverage enhanced nonstick cooking. It’s convenient for speedy food preparation and provides an excellent dining moment in any home.

6. Kampa – Fry up Electric Griddle

This is another reliable griddle which come with a large cooking surface of about 27 x 27cm, which is wide enough to spread your pancake and any other sandwich you may desire, with this appliance, you are rest assure of none sticky on your cooking top which tells you that after you have finish cooking your meal, it is very easy for you to clean without stress.

Furthermore, it comes with 230v/ 1500w, it’s variable in heat setting therefore having this gadget at your disposal, you don’t need to worry when you want to go out for camping with love one’s you can also use it while in your motor caravan. Therefore this is to tell you that you can take this appliance anywhere which makes it very handy.


Hope this will help you to choose from any of this equipment listed for your use, you don’t need to bother yourself on which griddle to go for anymore while the right information on having the best is right at your disposal.

Therefore my advice for you is to go for any of this best and be rest assure that you will not be disappointed, what you really need is quality and quality you will get right here.

Let me know what you think about this piece of information, and don’t forget to leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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