Homemade healthy food is best for our health and contains all the valuable nutrients we want in our daily life. But cooking healthy food in the kitchen requires much time and effort. It requires recipe and method, and not everyone can brew tasty, healthy food. If you’re a working woman or man, then you know the tiredness of work when you reach home after eight hours of work.

In this situation, cooking the food takes several hours and a lot of effort. We know it’s much harder and tough to cook food after eight hours of office job.

So you end-up by ordering junk food like pizza, burger, subway, Mc Donald’s, KFC and more. The problem with this junk food is that they are not healthy in any way. Moreover, they can cause several health problems if digested for log-term.

According to the research of Harvard University in 218, eating junk foods is the main reason for cholesterol, hepatitis, fat, and tumor. That’s why a healthy homemade meal is preferred because it will not harm you in any way. But cooking healthy food in the kitchen is the toughest job.

Thanks to today’s slow cookers, which are available in the market. They are the best and convenient way to cook food without much effort. Slow Cookers will take care of your health and doesn’t kill the valuable nutrients in the menu.

You just need to mix the ingredients, set the timer, heat, and let the machine do its job. Slow cookers will cook your food with even temperature and prevents killing valuable nutrients.

Using these appliance will replace up-to seven kitchen appliances like a steamer, Air Fryer, conventional cooker, pan, deep fryer e.t.c, and more. In this article, we have searched for dozens of this products and created a list for some of the best for you. So let’s get straight into our directory.


1. Instant Pot


With the instant pot, there’s an affordable solution for everyone. It all happens with the press of a button. Whether it’s Hardy chilling spicy curry, perfect rice, refreshing dairy, non-dairy yogurt cheesecake. Any recipe you can think of whatever your food preference or tastes instant pod can make it ready for you.

You can make family meals happen with the simple push of a button. Thanks to the microprocessor for controlled programming. It is amazingly simple to use while also safe and convenient to clean and fast.

It’s a money saver allowing you to cost-effectively replace seven commonly used kitchen appliances. The instant pot is a time saver and cooking times are two to six times faster than conventional cooking methods

The pot has an all-encompassing multi cooker. With up to seven functions replacing your slow cooker, Rice Cooker, the Food Warmer, pressure cooker, steamer salutes pan, and yes, even the Yogurt Maker a single.

It does the job of every one of those appliances and more instant pots models the smart the duo and the beauty. Overall, it’s the best all-in-one slow cooker which meets all your basic requirements.

Specifications: Capacity: 5.7 Liters/ Product Dimensions: 31 x 34 x 31.7 cm/ Power: 1k Watt or 220 V/ Weight 5kg.

Pros & Cons

  • Removable pot for cleaning
  • 7 Adjustable modes
  • Great Insulation
  • Overheating protection
  • Warranty is shorter than compared to others Purchase

2. Sage Slow Cooker

This isn’t your average pressure cooker. In fact, it’s sturdy reliable and cuts enough food makers for everyone in the entire family. With its eight quarts and a stainless steel facade equipped with nine safety mechanisms.

Which is capable of creating healthy and hearty meals in minutes. Because it’s not just a slow cooker, not just a rice cooker, and definitely not just a pot. It’s a multi functional SAGE SLOW COOKER pressure cooker. It’ll cook anything you want, only through the ingredients, and after some time, your healthy food is ready to eat.

Some advanced touch controls make it easy to use, yet it is also helpful if you don’t know how to cook or just learning to cook, even if the kitchen isn’t your thing.

Manually customize your pressure-cooking settings or just tell the SAGE SLOW COOKER what you’re cooking. Then confidently press Start or if you know what you’re doing. So go ahead and cook your favorite all kinds of healthy food within a minute without much effort and time.

Specifications: Capacity: 6 liters/ Weight: 7.58 kg/ Product Dimensions: 38.2 x 34.2 x 33.8 cm

Pros & Cons

  • Digital display
  • 12 auto presets to save your time
  • Dual temperature monitoring sensors for accurate temperature reading
  • 3-way safety system
  • Price is a bit higher than compared to others Purchase

3. Crock-Pot Digital Slow Cooker


The Crock-Pot Digital Slow Cooker is a six-quarter slow cooker that has become one of the most purchased slow cookers on Amazon. Because this unit is extremely affordable. But the exciting thing is that this cooker does not look or work cheaply.

First of all, the design of this particular model is durable and attractive. Mainly red finish, followed by black accents present on its plastic handles. The dial located in the centre and on the glass lid with dishwasher lock so that when you see the unit as a whole, you can quickly notice the clay pot.

Moreover, it has a premium moving on. There’s also a clip-on lock feature on the lid that’s something that we particularly like. Because this feature is beneficial to be more precise.

The purpose of the clip-on feature is to ensure that your food will remain intact even if you’re moving the cooker from one place to another. But now let’s talk about performance, for your information because on took the amount of six-quart slow cooker.

Its capacity is good enough to satisfy the needs of up to seven people. Whereas it controls, the dial will let you have access to low warm and high settings so you can use each of them depending on the situation. Commonly the low setting cooks with 223 Watts. The friendly environment at 62 Watts, whereas the high setting prepares at 251 watts.

So as you can see, you won’t be left to use just one or two settings. Also, like to mention that thanks to its rubber seal that’s present on the lid, the cooking process will be very safe since you won’t deal with spilling while cooking.

Once you’re done, the next step is to clean the cooker, right? Well, this process is butter smooth, indeed because most of its parts are dishwasher safe. So within a short period, the crock-pot stove will shine with elegance like the first time you took it out the box. To conclude, the crock-pot  deserves your attention because it’s cheaper but works more than a premium slow cooker.

Specifications: Weight 8.9kg/ Product Dimensions: 26.8 x 34.2 x 33.8 cm/ Capacity: 4.7 liters.

Pros & Cons

  • Rubber seal to prevent splitting
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Energy Efficient
  • Due to the ceramic body, its weight is increased Purchase

4. Hamilton Beach 3386


The Hamilton Beach 3386 is the best slow cooker if you have a tight budget or looking for some cheap slow cookers with great options.This slow cooker is a well-made six-quart all in one machine which can do the job of seven appliances.

For example, you can use it as a deep fryer, broiler, steamer, conventional cooker, lunch box, and more. The machine is universal, meaning it is specially designed to work according to your cooking style. So that you can cook a perfect and tasty food of your choice.

Talking about the design, then this slow cooker comes with a white with Grey contrast. Due to health measures, the top round bar is made of aluminium, which will prevent it from rusting; otherwise, the rust can be mixed with food.

The bottom or majority of the body is made of stainless steel painted with Grey colour. On the centre, there is a simple to use round-shaped control panel. Which consist of timer, temperature, and time as well. Overall, it’s the best slow cooker in a tight budget.

Specifications: Colored digital round-shaped control panel/ 24 months warranty/ Capacity: 3.98kg/ Product Dimensions: 39 x 24.5 x 22.8 cm

Pros & Cons

  • Multi-purpose slow cooker
  • Small and compact design
  • Energy efficient
  • Small size which is not good for family
  • Less power due to energy efficiency Purchase

5. Tefal RK302E15


Tefal RK302E15 is a multi-purpose slow cooker that is more than just a slow cooker. It comes with a large five liters pot in which you can cook your food quickly. The body is made up of aluminum from inside and outside. As we know already that Tefal is the oldest manufacturer of electronic appliances and is the most trusted brand in the world.

If we talk about this slow cooker, then there’s a LED control panel on the top. The control panel consist of some presets which you can use.

For example, if you’re cooking rice, then you can press on the “White Rice.” It’s called a preset so that the machine will automatically adjust settings to give you the best output as a tasty and perfect cooked rice. If you want to eat the food later, then you can press on the “Keep Warm” button, which will keep your food hot.

Specifications: Weight: 3.5kg/ Product Dimensions: 29 x 26.5 x 30 cm/ Capacity: 5 liters/ Power: 600 watts.

Pros & Cons

  • Presets for faster cooking
  • Delay turn-on
  • Keep warm feature
  • Less Power
  • Purchase

6. Oval 3.5 Slow Cooker


This adorable stainless steel kitchen appliance is ideal for family meal and also suitable for entertaining more people, you don’t have anything to worry about when it come to preparing your meal.

Its cooking capacity which is 3.5, and also has 3 settings, which is high, low and medium. Furthermore, with the toughen lid you can view your meal even without opening your pot. With that, the heat from your meal will not have the access to escape.

The more reason why you don’t need to have a second taught on this kitchen appliance, is because it has 2 years guarantee. So therefore if anything goes wrong before then, you have the full right to return it.

Specifications: Capacity 3.5/ Voltage 170w.

Pros & Cons

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cool touch handle
  • Seperate cooking pot
  • Clear lid
  • No stir function
  • No digital display

7. Morphy Richards 461013 6.5 Litre Cooker


This quality brand from Morphy Richards, is strong and family friendly and have a capacity of 6.5 Litres, which is capable of dishing out meal for about 6 people in a role, this ceramic pot is very easy to use with the 3 cooking settings whereby you have to select the maximum time temperature you need for your food to get ready.

Furthermore, this removable ceramic pot comes with a transparent lid to enable you see through, so you don’t need to open to avoid the vapour going out of your meal.  and also dishwasher friendly, after you have finish with your cooking, you can easily pop it in your dishwasher and it will come out clean.

Specification: Capacity: 6.5 litres/ Weight: 5.1 kg/ Voltage: 240 V.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Clear lid
  • Family friendly
  • Three cooking settings
  • Fragile bowl


Slow Cookers are the best and convenient way to cook food without much effort. Slow Cookers will take care of your health and doesn’t kill the valuable nutrients in the menu. You just need to mix the ingredients, set the timer, heat, and let the machine do its job.

Slow cookers will cook your food with even temperature and prevents killing valuable nutrients. Using these cookers will replace up-to seven kitchen appliances like a steamer, conventional cooker, pan, deep fryer and more!

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