Most people await summer imagining how they’ll enjoy outdoor activities. Sadly, hot seasons comes with some discomfort.

Extreme heat makes people uncomfortable, especially when inside their homes. High temperature is irritating and unbearable. For that reason, most have decided to install cooling technologies in their home. A tower fan is one of them.

A tower fan is an Indoor fan that absorbs hot air in a room, thus bringing a breezy environment in your house. It has a rotating base and air inlets on its side for air circulation.

They come in different styles and features. Prices are based on the brand and the qualities they possess. The more features and convenient it is, the more expensive it’ll be.

These special devices are widely available in the market. Visit any electronic shop, and you won’t miss spotting them. They can also be ordered online at any time and day.

Tower fans are found in different colors and shapes. It’s up to you to choose what attracts you most. Choosing will be tough since all of them look amazing.

How Does A Tower Fan Work.

Basically, tower fan oscillate like other ordinary fan but in a wilder range of air circulation coverage and distribution because of the length of the vent the full height of the fan it can oscillate on a base stand and distribute air circulation at about 80/90 degree angle.

It has switches that you can use to turn them on and off and also to control the other functions that take place from the inside of it and as well most come with remote control.

Essential Parts Of The Tower Fan

Knowing parts of the tower fan will help you buy the right thing. It’s essential to be familiar with each component and understand how it works. The main elements of the tower fan include:


. They are installed horizontally to allow air to enter the tower. They are located in the same direction air flows in. This prevents the splashing of water inside the tower.

Cooling Tower Packing:

. It’s an essential part that shouldn’t miss in any tower fan. It ensures the maximum connection between air and water hence enable cooling.

Drift Separators:

. Any default with this ruins air circulation in the room. It prevents unpleasant things from being released outside the tower. They are active in turning parts in this device. They are delicate and need extensive care to last long. Replace them immediately. They get faulty; otherwise, your machine is useless without these parts.

Other Parts Of The Tower:

Other unknown components are noise dampers, protective grilles for shielding fan, hatches, and noise absorbing mat. All these parts work in the background hence challenging to notice if they are malfunctioning. The proper checkup should be done to ensure they are in good condition.

 The Best Types Of Tower Fans


It’s a single tower fan with incredible features. It has a specific remote that controls the fan from a distance of about 16 feet. Possess an automatic shut off that can be set up to 8 hours. It also contains in-built overheat protection, thus protect your device from getting overwhelmed by the heat.

Alen Breathe Smart:

It has a change filter indicator light that lasts up to 1 year. Interestingly, it’s timer can be set for up to 12 hours. It’s light and flexible hence can easy to change position.


It’s quiet and has magnetized remote control, making it unique. This is undoubtedly what you need in your home.

Lasko T4:

It has a nighttime setting that automatically tunes in a dark atmosphere in your room. This is suitable for an individual who wants beauty to always prevail in a home even at night.

Honeywell Quiet:

It has the quietest technology giving you a peaceful moment. It contains an auto shut off timer that automatically turns off the system. Also it can be programmed to sleep mode anytime.

Ansio Tower Fan:

Contains inbuilt-oscillation. Has adjustable Lauver giving the user full control over it and also it has a timer function feature.

How To Use A Tower Fan

Like other devices, tower fan also needs the knowledge to operate. Any mishandling messes up the whole system.

Not all tower fans work the same way. Models offer different features and varying functionality. Even so, they all perform the same task-cooling your home.

It’s necessary to purchase a fan that meets your needs. Don’t concentrate on style only. Essential factors like purpose should be well thought of before buying.

Programming, auto-shutoff, remote control, and oscillation level should be controlled appropriately. Only press them when necessary. Poor handling of these features might lead to high energy consumption, which is costly.

Starting the device is easy. Only plug-in socket and push button. The control panels will help you navigate the device anyhow.

Always read manuals provided by the manufacturer before using them. No matter how knowledgeable you are about it. Seek clarification from the makers in case you don’t understand.

How To Clean A Tower Fan

Often people neglect cleaning tower fans. Clean it once in a while to prevent minor problems caused by dust. It’s cleaning favors lazy individuals since it takes a short time and requires less of your energy.

1. Put on a mask and other protective wear to keep off dust. Unplug and set it in a safe place.

2. Disconnect the panel by unscrewing it. Handle screws with care so that you don’t lose them. This step can be skipped if your device doesn’t have a panel.

3. Shake the can of compressor for about 30 seconds before applying to the device. Spray on the blower nozzle and turn on the compressor.

4. Blow off the dust on flat surfaces and reachable areas. Begin from the top coming downwards.

5. Turn on the fan into 180 degrees. Use the brush to clean the remaining dust on the fan. Return the panel back, plugin, and turn on the tower fan.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Tower Fan


Tower fans occupy a small space. They are tiny and fit anywhere. Even so, buy what fits in your space. However, if you want to position them between couches, kitchen areas, next to the toilet or bedroom it should be fine like i said earlier it doesn’t require a lot of space it can fit in anywhere.


Each person has his own style. Some like simple items, while others want their devices to speak out fashion on their behalf. Choose something classy that will complement your room. Let it be comfortable and noise-free.


Never purchase something that doesn’t function as purposed. The tower fan you are buying must meet its objective. It should circulate clean air in the room. Its small shape reduces the chances of getting knocked down.

The Bottom Line

There are countless types of fans. The choice you’ll make is determined by your budget, style, and efficiency. Make sure you purchase something cute for your home. Get all information before deciding on the one you’ll buy. Be wise while making your decision, because making a wrong decision will amount to spending more.





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