Food processors are effectively the most flexible kitchen device around. You can utilize them just in few seconds to cut vegetables, chopping nuts, granulate meat, and a lot more. Primarily, the wonder machine is capable to do all the work in a very organized way.

The addition of this appliance in your kitchen can do wonders, it completely changes your cooking potentials. It does not only enhances your cooking skills, but also does the big things in a small amount of time. It effectively and rapidly helps in kneading bread dough, making puree or shredding cheese as well. 

In 1973, an engineer Carl Sontheimer introduced this wonder machine while working on a French industrial blender. Sooner this gadget became the best selling appliance and revolutionized the concept of food preps around the globe.

 How Food Processor Work?

It is important to know the basics of a food processor and how it performs the kitchen task in a few minute. The full, compact, and mini sizes are available but the essential components like feed tube, bowl with a lid and motor are the same. The motor is attached in the lower part of the body and is the heaviest part.

The full-size processor has large and powerful motors that give stability to the machine while running. Keeping in mind the modern kitchen decors, the appliances are available in different trendy colours with plastic and metal bodies. The shaft is the lower body that covers the motor and connected to the bowl usually made up of transparent and durable plastics fitted and locks well in the shaft.

The feed tube is situated on the lid of bowl with a plunger by which the food is easily put in the bowl by pushing it through. The feed tube comes in different sizes according to the size of the machine, the capacity of the bowls is usually in the range of 2 to 22 measuring cups.

Guide To The Food Processors Attachments: 

Food processors are available in a range of different attachments and accessories; however, investing in good appliance does not mean buying maximum attachments. It is better to invest according to your kitchen needs otherwise they only occupy the space and a big hole in the pocket.

The standard attachments for a food processor are blades also called Sabatier blades. They can perfectly fit at the bottom of the bowl and easily removable and usually made up of metal with sharp edges. Here we discuss a brief guide about the functions of different blades. One of the most important blades is knife blade also known as the multi-function blade which is used for chopping,  mincing, mashing, and mixing.

The dough for bread and pizza can be kneaded just in few seconds by using dough blades making perfect and soft dough. Then comes blades for shredding and slicing, the small holes in these blades are capable of producing uniform crumbs of food.

The grating blades mostly used to grate cheese and vegetables, these blades definitely for you if you love to eat zesty-Brussels slaw and Coleslaw. Except for the standard attachments, you can always buy additional accessories to enhance the performance of food processors such as an egg whip, julienne blades, French fry blades, and citrus or non-citrus juicer.

Different Ways To Use A Food Processor

All thanks to the food processor who allows us to make the restaurant-style recipes hygienically. Here are some ways to use a food processor like a kitchen pro.

1. DIY dressings:

The food processor does wonder in making salad dressing or mayo dips, just press the button and the dressing with the ingredients of your choice is ready.

2. Grinding grains:

To make perfect pancakes out of any grains is not a big deal when you have the perfect grinding blade for making the fine powder from quinoa, oats or other seeds.

3. Chopping nuts:

Chopped nuts are perfect for topping for desserts and salads, without creating any mess the right blades can do the job just in few seconds.

3. Homemade nut butter:

There is no such thing as natural homemade peanut butter without any preservatives, this wonderful machine can make any kind of nut butter.

4. Shredding cheese:

Cheese can be shredded in seconds for pizza topping or other recipes.

5. Grinding meat to mince:

Putting small cubes in the food processor can mince it down just in a blink. The more powerful is the motor the more you get fine and chopped meat.

6. Breadcrumbs and crushed biscuits:

Breadcrumbs can be made from a day old bread which can utilize in many fried recipes, also the crushed cookie is great base for cakes and desserts.

7. Slicing vegetables:

Any size and thickness of veggies can be sliced for cold salads.

8. Purees for toddlers:

The time has gone when you entertain the baby with artificial and processed food, now the mothers are at ease in making homemade purees for their baby. By adding a liquid base in a cooked meal turns it into textured and smooth baby food.

8. Textured veggies for salads:

No need to grate veggies separately for the salad, by adding all together and chop up for few seconds. The rich texture of onions, carrots, cucumber, and celery boosts the flavours to the next level.

 What To Look For In A Food Processor?

Time is money, if you believe this, you need to invest in a good food processor otherwise, slicing and cutting your vegetable will certainly consume a whole lot of time. So here we discuss a few things you have to follow before buying a good quality food processor.

1. Selecting the right size of bowl according to your family is very important, you just can’t buy 22 cup bowl for two family members. A 10 cup size is enough for about five family members but if sometimes you need to cook in bulk, for the safe side you can buy standard 14 cups.

2. The quality of the blades matters a lot. The durable and high-performance blades are usually made up of stainless steel and their lifespan is far way more different than plastic blades.

3. Doing tough jobs such as dough kneading or cookie batter, the power of the motor should be around 800 Watts.

4. Usually, one year is the standard warranty for home appliances but some companies offer a 5-year warranty for motor and three years for other parts to maintain the high quality of food processors.

5. Stability is also a key factor when buying a good food processor, therefore choosing a solid body with a wide base is the ideal choice for your modern kitchen.

 Food Processor Vs Blender 

How exactly are they different? The answer is that both these appliances work in different ways for a different type of food you prepare. The food processor can perform many jobs at the same time such as cutting, chopping, slicing, and grinding with multiple attachments.

On the other hand, the blender is only good for recipes with liquid bases such as smoothies, cocktails and likewise for  soup making. Both  blades and motors have been used to fulfill the task but particularly the underlying mechanism is different in each device.


Food Processor Recipes

Here are some simple and easy popular recipes that you can process by using the food processor.

  • Cilantro-Lime Dressing:

Add a bunch of cilantro leaves, a garlic clove, and a small piece of ginger and green pepper in bowl of food processor, run until it is adequately chopped. Pour some lime juice, vinegar, and honey and pulse a few seconds to blend all integrants properly. In the end, drizzle some olive oil and add salt to taste. The perfect dressing is ready to serve with any meal.

  • Traditional Hummus:

Place chickpeas with some garlic and roasted sesame seeds, pulse it to form a finely grind batter then add some olive oil, lime juice, cumin seeds, and paprika, again pulse until smooth.

The consistency can be adjusted by adding some water. Make small patties which can be baked or fried. These can also store for a few days in the freezer. Serve with fresh parsley and dip of your choice.

  • Avocado Tomatillo Salsa:

Take fresh tomatillos, green chili pepper, small chunks of fresh avocado, cilantro leaves in a food processor, and blend until form creamy texture. Add lemon juice and pinch of salt and finally blend into a thick paste. Sprinkle with some seasoning and ready to be served.


Once you get your hands on a food processor you’ll start to play with different ingredients. Exploring the use of different attachments and experimenting with them is what makes you a creative cook. Before going to buying, read all the important guides and reviews of a high-quality product.

To make this appliance last longer, take extra care of your product. The bowl and blades always thoroughly washed after using, there should not any residue left behind. Always dry the body to prevent moisture inside the parts. Invest a good amount in a food processor which can replace the mixers, grinders, and blenders, this will occupy less space on the kitchen counter and also save much time.



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